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Support for this Ministry


Dear Brothers and Sisters:


Donations are greatly appreciated and vital to sustain this work!  Please do not assume that someone else is taking care of it.  Prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do.  Christian Concourse is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation registered since 1994 with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Virginia.  Financial support for this Christian ministry comes from those who see what we do and want to support it.  We are not underwritten or endowed by formal agreement with any denomination or group. Also, please note that no donation is accepted as payment or in consideration for any product or service which we may provide.  As far as we are concerned, all offerings are completely between you and how you feel the Lord Jesus is leading you in your charitable giving.  Certainly, we are honored by your prayerful consideration.


Our mailing address is:

Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc.
1543 Norcova Ave. 
Norfolk, Virginia  23502

Please include a return address with your tax-deductible gift so that we may send you a receipt.


If you live in the Hampton Roads area, here's a way you can help us financially: save your pocket change in a jar! When your jar is full just call us and we will come to your home and pick it up. We'll sort it out, add it all up, and cash it in for every penny in the jar to count as a donation to Christian Concourse. One of our donors has been doing this for some time and over the years has blessed the ministry with more than $500.00!

One more thing, most importantly, please remember us in your prayers.


We would be honored to hear from you if you have any questions.  You may leave a message for us in our Guestbook or call 757-714-3133.


A written financial report for the past year is available upon request or see the following.

For a summary of our financial history from 1994 thru 2010, in .pdf format, click here.


Financial statement for 2011

Financial statement for 2012

Financial statement for 2013

Financial statement for 2014

Financial statement for 2015

Financial statement for 2016

Financial statement for 2017


 For a copy of Christian Concourse's 2009 IRS report (Form 990-EZ) click here.  [This is the last Form 990 we were required to submit to the IRS due to a reduction in donation receipts.]


Note: these downloads are .pdf files.  You must have Adobe Reader loaded on your machine to view the files.  Click here to go to their website to download a free copy.

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