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Our Purpose


Quoting from our Articles of Incorporation, Christian Concourse "is organized exclusively for the purpose of ministering the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in the inspired Word of God, and to facilitate the unity of His Church." (See our Tenets of Faith and Ethics.)

We seek to equip and empower believers to encourage, exhort and build each other up in their faith in Jesus Christ - across the spectrum of theological orbits of Christianity - reflecting the teachings of Scripture on unity. Therefore, our work is dedicated to God, in the name of Jesus Christ, to spread, by all means possible, the "Good News" of His redemptive plan for mankind and for the development of functional tools with which HE may enhance our relations in Christian Accord and our service within HIS interdenominational Church.

 As a practical expression of the vision for Christian Concourse, we enable believers to minister to each other in three definite ways:



A Note on Unity:  We do not promote unity for unity's sake.  We believe unity to be the environment in which Christ is glorified and the only ground on which our Christian witness is credible.  There is no alternative to unity in the Body of Christ just as there is no alternative to the building blocks of unity:


the personal experience of "new birth,"

a dynamic, ongoing, conversational, loving relationship with Jesus Christ,

personal holiness,

genuine humility

and love!


We see scriptural evidence for at least three perspectives of unity in the Christian experience:  positional unity, relational unity and functional unity.

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