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Prayer Requests

Please allow us to lay before you our sincere requests for prayer. We invite you to join with us in our appeal to the Master of the Universe to aid us in the coming months in the following areas:


● that the Holy Spirit would powerfully, supernaturally anoint the message of His forgiving love and His merciful promise in our services in nursing homes and also in those performed by other Christian ministers in long-term care settings;

● that God would illuminate the hearts of all His servants whom He has called to this mission field with fresh, effective ways of communicating this message to the elderly and the sick.

Thank you for praying.


In obedience and submission to Your leading in this, Your ministry, we lay these petitions before You, Dear Father and yield to Your wisdom, Your timing and the proportion of Your provision...for Your Eternal the wonderful, precious Name of Your Dear Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen

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