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You can be a Long-Term Care Christian Volunteer


"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." James 1:27


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There is a rich field for ministry right here in our community. This field is ripe with open hearts that struggle every day with loneliness, aging and boredom. They have done no more to deserve their plight than to live a life much like yours.


This field needing your help is in the nursing homes, assisted living homes, retirement communities, adult day-health care centers and adult family homes that you pass by everyday on the way to work or the mall.  These are people who need long-term care, to some degree, in order to make it from one day to the next.


This field is made up of sweet people who love and laugh and cry and enjoy having fun and have feelings just like you do. They are men and women, most are older, some are younger, some are Christians, some are not.


The needs that these sweet people have can be supplied by just about anyone, probably someone just like you. Most of these people, especially those in "nursing homes," cannot do very much at all about their situation. They are dependent on someone else to help them in just about everything they do.




If you can laugh; if you can share a tear with someone crying; if you can sing; if you can write or walk or talk or play games; if you can care about someone else for just a little while every now and then ---- then you can help!


If you know Jesus Christ, then you know what He can do for someone who is hurting. You know what He can do for someone who has lost their way in the confusion and suffering of life. If you know Jesus Christ, then you know that He cares and He wants you to care too!


If you can spare an hour or more a month and if you can get to an LTC facility near where you live ---- you can help!  Maybe you know someone in your community who has elected to receive long-term care in their home.  In either case, they all need a friend!




You can talk with your pastor or your church group leader about getting a small company together to go once in a while to minister at an LTC facility near you or your church. You can link up with a group doing care facility ministry now. Or you can go by yourself, or with a friend. You can do all sorts of activities ---- bingo, bowling, balloon volleyball, crafts, sing-alongs, skits, plays, "church services," one-on-ones, go along on outings to special events, hold reading sessions, teach residents how to use computers, and the list is really quite long! In all of this, you can be a Christian witness, just by being there and showing that Jesus cares for them through YOU! Your reward is eternal!


How Do You Get Started? Get in touch with Christian Concourse today! Contact us by email: chco(the "at" sign)christianconcourse(a dot here)org, or phone: (757) 714-3133


Volunteer Job Description:


A desire to help in this needy field.
Love Jesus.
Love others.
Able to laugh and cry.
Enjoy listening.
Willing to give one hour per month.
No special talent necessary.
No previous experience necessary.
Eternal benefits


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