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Long-Term Care Facility Questionaire

For the Activity Professional


Dear Activity Director, we want to help you!  We know your job is greatly enhanced by quality volunteers.  One of the concerns in recruiting volunteers is what job will they be asked to do.  The questionaire that is linked below enables us to formulate and document a clear picture of the typical volunteer needs in the long-term care setting.  As Christians, we believe we have been commissioned by the Author of our Faith to serve others, especially widows and orphans.  Many of your residents are widows and many are like orphans who have no family able to care for them.  Your answers to our questionaire will help us communicate a sharper picture of your needs to the Christian community.


Thank you, in advance, for going to the trouble of printing the form, filing it out and mailing it to us! 


Click here to download the Care Facility Questionaire.


Note: When you click on the link for the form above you must have Adobe Reader loaded on your machine to see and print it.  Click here to go to Adobe Reader's website to download a free copy.


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