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December 2018


Merry Christmas!!


Dar here, listening to Christmas music and praising God for His wonderful Gift. Jerry and I are so blessed to be busy about His work at this time of year. He asked me to write the letter for him and when I looked at the last time that happened, it was last December. We've had so many orders for Christian Christmas Carols booklets that we’ve run out. So he's printing another 250. We're so thankful that he was able to get parts for the printer and fix it himself. Thank you for your prayers about that. If you need some, please let us know. He'll be printing more again before Christmas.


Last December, I wrote to you that we had a new hymnbook to offer, Hymns of Our Redeemer, so that

if the residents where you minister or work have requested different hymns you could order some of the new ones. However, we didn't have a CD to accompany that one back then. We now offer both an instrumental and a vocal CD. Please contact us if you didn’t get them, yet.


We have been working on taking nature photos and videos that can be used to produce the three DVDs that will use the hymns in Hymns of Our Redeemer. It's exciting, but very time consuming. Please be patient, it may be my next Christmas letter before even the first one is completed. Prayer about this will be greatly appreciated.


It is humbling when we receive encouraging words of appreciation from someone we've sent materials to. Sometimes we've never met or talked to them on the phone. Sometimes they have called so one of us has had the pleasure of talking to them. Almost always we find that they have been serving God for a long time in this needy field. They love God and the people they minister to and really appreciate what we do to help them by providing tools through the website and the hymnbooks, CDs and DVDs. I felt led to share a few comments they have taken time to write to us. It may be on a thank you card, or pretty stationary, or lined tablet paper done in pencil, typed on church letterhead, or in an e-mail. But the message is the same, and gets the same response from both of us. Here are a few comments:


"Thank you for the vast ministry you do unto Jesus."


"Thank you for all you do for the nursing homes across the land."


"I lift up you and your family before the Lord every day."


"It’s good to know I’m on the same team with folks like you."


"May God continue to bless His ministry in which he has made you good stewards."


"Because of you, I am able to bring so much to the residents. Your resources are amazing."


"The residents love to sing the great hymns of our faith. We greatly appreciate the...hymn books...and CDs that you sent us free of charge. May the Lord continue to bless your vital ministry."


It means so much as we continue doing what the Lord has called us to do. The messages of appreciation are not just for us. They are for YOU as you continue to support and pray for this ministry. Without you we could not reach so many folks who need His encouragement. We covet your prayers and appreciate your continued financial support. Have a blessed Christmas!

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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