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December 2017


Dear Friends of Christian Concourse,

Thanks so much to each of you for the vital role you play in helping us continue in this great work! The work is not great because of who we are or how well a job we do or how hard we work at it. The work is great because of the message we share, and the Lord we serve, and the price He paid to afford us the privilege of telling His story. Who is like our God? No fable, no drama, no human effort holds a candle to the brilliant light of the glorious Gospel, the marvelous Good News of the salvation freely given to all who believe in Jesus Christ.


In this Christmas season the world is lit up by twinkling lights and page after page of colorful advertisements in the newspaper and eye-catching pop-ups hogging space on our facebook page, and attention grabbing ads crowding our google search. Joseph, leading that little donkey, and Mary, perched precariously on the creature's swaying back, could never imagine how modern man would transform the story of their struggle looking back on them from here in the twenty-first century! How remote, yet how superficially familiar is that story of that little couple making their way on that 80 mile journey at the whim of some dictating tyrant in Rome. What might have been going through their minds? Here was Joseph laboring to take his little bride to the home of his family name and she was pregnant and the baby was not his! And here was Mary great with child - the CHILD OF GOD - for crying out loud, with nobody to teach her how to raise the Son of the Most High God! Not just to be funny, but I imagine she might have wondered at some point, how big would God’s Son be? At the end of their travels, probably way in the back of the troop of those also making the trip, I wonder if Joseph just thought it was par for the course when they had to stay in the animal shelter, his wife giving birth in the hay. As they gazed upon that tiny, miracle baby wrapped in rags, how could they understand then that untold millions would bow before that infant’s throne with tears of thankfulness?


In this information age of advanced technology and answers to everything at the tip of our fingers, our culture is, more and more, treating the meaning of Christmas like it was pulp fiction or a cute fairy tale.


Let me tell you: that tiny baby grew up. He lived a perfect, sinless life in the eyes of His Father. Jesus was one with God Almighty being fully God and fully man. Jesus brought the universe and all that is in it into being. He was the Word of God incarnate, showing us exactly what God is like and how much He loves us. He sacrificed His own blood and His own life to pay the price that we all owe for our sins. He died. He was buried. He was resurrected on the third day, as He said He would be, by the power of the Holy Spirit. He was seen alive and well by hundreds. He gathered with His followers on the Mount of Olives, outside Jerusalem, the City of God, and they witnessed Him rise bodily into the clouds, ascending into the throne-room of Heaven. On the day of Pentecost, ten days after His Ascension, He returned in the person of the Holy Spirit to inhabit the hearts and lives of His disciples to live with them as Teacher and Comforter, to baptize them with His presence in their daily lives. And so He still lives within the hearts of His followers - those of us who wait with anticipation for the day we hear our name on His lips calling us home to be with Him and all the saints who have gone on before. He saves, He heals, He comforts, He teaches, He strengthens, He fills with joy, He blesses with His peace, He abides with us in fellowship and in friendship and in supernatural love!


Sharing THIS message, THIS GREAT MESSAGE, is our work, and surely you can see how this great message makes our work great. And by "our work" we do not mean just Dar and Jerry, we mean all of our friends who share our burden to help us spread this message and encourage the faith of those who hold this message dear, especially those who call care facilities home. Again, thank you so much for your love and support in finances and in prayer.


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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