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December 2012


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We wish you a Merry Christmas! In the midst of this season of festivities and lights and presents and pageants, we want you to know we thank you for your help in this ministry. And, may we all, who gratefully call God, "Father," consciously make a renewed commitment to join the angels singing, "Glory to God in the Highest!"

From our heart of hearts let us bless Him. From our deepest being let us give Him, in generous portions, our adoration, our worship, our love. Let us give Him our centered attention. Let us glorify Him with our intently focused, listening ear as He speaks to us from His written Word, from within our circumstances and relationships, out of His majestic creation, and by His still, small voice within our hearts. And as we listen, let us grasp every concept and every nudge and every word from His mouth with the relentless grip of faith - trusting Him enough to joyfully, willingly yield to His Word as our marching orders.

Let us bless God - yes, LET US BLESS GOD ALMIGHTY and GIVE HIM GLORY with our intellect, our reasoning, our emotions, our imagination, and our wit! Let us bless God with our time and our concentration. Let us bless God intentionally reckless...intentionally sacrificial...intentionally intense...intentionally unselfish! Let us give God glory with the abandon and unconditional love of a gleeful, thrilled little child.

Let us think about the little Christ Child, lying in a feeding trough, probably a hollowed-out niche in the wall of a dark, damp cave in Bethlehem. The Father was thinking of us when He gave His only begotten Son to demonstrate His love for us with His tears and His sweat and His torn body and His shed blood. Behold the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world! Let us give Him Glory and blessing!

He wants our love - let us give Him kind thoughts when we are swimming in simple pleasures and when we are drowning in crisis and plight. Let us give Him patience with His providential hand - may we be gracious when He takes longer than we like to work in our circumstances and our relationships and our sanctification. Let us give God glory. May we not take His glory, but let Him have it all. Let us give Him glory in our deepest meditations...meditations that reflect on a life and a set of circumstances that we cannot ultimately control with unpredictable events producing unimagined consequences every day. Let us look to the Author of our very existence with full acknowledgment of our utter and total dependence on His undeserved, yet continual mercy and grace. Give homage and thanks to our true King...the King of Kings!
Let us unreservedly give our power back to God - He gave it to us. Let us unclench our prideful fist and free our clutching grasp on our little self. O, may our God have us for His blessing, for His glory. Let us relinquish the self-righteousness that dams up our little stream of life and release it to flow freely back to the vast ocean of His living love from whence it comes.
When we stand, may we stand for Jesus. When we speak, may we speak for Jesus. When we cry, may we cry for Jesus. When we call, may we call for Jesus. When we rise, let us rise up for Jesus. When we give, let us give for Jesus. When we work, let us work for Jesus. Whatever our hands find to do, may we do it all for the glory and the blessing of Jesus! Merry Christmas, Jesus, INDEED!

We Love You In Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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