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November 2018


Dear Friends,


Christian greetings to you from us here at Christian Concourse Ministries. We count it a great blessing to be able to communicate with all of you through this simple letter every month. As we have said before, we would love to be able to visit with each one of you individually but on this side of Heaven, time and distance prohibits it. We are working hard and maintain a vigilant focus on the job that we feel the Master has given us to do. This is not a grievous thing to us. We really enjoy our occupation.


We cannot refer to the work we are engaged in without thinking of the prayer and financial support that you help us with. Some of you have told us that you pray for us every day! How valuable it that!!!? And you interceding for us is especially exciting when we consider Who is being prayed to! God answers prayer. We certainly encourage you to keep praying.


Every day hundreds, if not thousands of elderly and infirm residents in care facilities all over the English-speaking world are using the Christ-centered ministry materials that we provide at no cost to them. We really do not know how many hymnbooks and CDs and DVDs are out there because we do not have time to keep track of it. It is not unusual for us to receive requests for more materials from volunteers of staff who have been using those little hymn books for ten years or more. We just keep printing and boxing them up and sending them out. Praise God! No doubt that if folks saw the humble operation that benefits so many they would be very surprised. Many call in disbelief that we actually provide these great resources free of charge without any catch. But we do because we feel the Lord guiding us to help us keep the operation humble, efficient and at a pace that we wear comfortably. Can't say enough good about our Boss!!


If you need them, don't forget to contact us about a supply of our "Christian Christmas Carols" booklet. It comes with an instrumental accompaniment CD, a vocal and instrumental accompaniment CD, and a companion DVD with photos and videos of Christmas yard decorations and Dar's manger scene collection. Call today to be sure to get yours in plenty of time.


We have begun the videography and photography of the many hundreds of raw videos and photos that will be needed for our next DVD project using the hymns from "Hymns of Our Redeemer." The process may be tedious and boring to someone else, but Jerry says, "Throw me in the briar-patch!"


As a special prayer request, we should mention that our older printing press (we have two) is broken down in need of new exit transfer belts. They have been paid for and ordered but delivery is taking a lot longer than anticipated. Because of the age of the unit it is not practical to carry a maintenance contract on it so we are left having to repair it ourselves. Up to now this has not really been a problem but having to wait so long for parts is a new wrinkle. We will be patient. God knows about it.


Thanks to each of you for your love and support. If you need any materials, give us a call.


We love you,


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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