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November 2017


Jerry’s taking a dangerous chance this month and letting Dar write the newsletter. She’s done it only twice before, once when he was recuperating from a heart attack and once for a Valentine’s Day love letter (in case you weren’t on our mailing list that long ago). This time, he actually asked her to do it because he’s been extremely busy (as if he isn’t always). Just look at the date at the top of the letter! It’s late, I’d better get busy.


So let me, Dar ( his “little bride” he calls me when he’s speaking to someone else) tell you what he’s been so busy doing. First, and most exciting, he has finished the third and final DVD of the three DVD set of Comforting Words of Grace, which uses hymns #19 through #27 from Favorite Hymns of Grace!!! This one was very challenging even though he knows a lot more about every aspect of making a video than he did when he started the first one three years ago. He didn’t have enough nature videos to choose from and it took a lot of prayer and time to locate scenery that would be accessible, appropriate and meet his expectations. We had originally thought about using scenes of Fall colors and even Winter but the weather didn’t exactly cooperate around here last year. He was, however, able to use a little Fall color here and there. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. Please let us know if you want us to send you one or the complete set. He’s burning them five at a time and I get to put the labels on and put them in the sleeves. So we’ll have plenty!


Meanwhile, in October he started really gearing up for Christmas! We don’t plan on running out of Christian Christmas Carols booklets. He’s been over at the storage facility printing more hymn booklets this afternoon because we’ve been mailing packages that include them along with the Favorite Hymns of Grace, nearly every day. He loves the whole printing process. He loves everything he does for the Lord and for the sweet folks living in long-term care. It’s very time consuming and tiring (so God gave him a wife to tell him to not overdo it). I’m sure most of you understand how rewarding it can be to serve God and also difficult to “come apart before you come apart”, as a dear old friend used to laugh and say about herself. Of course he’s burning the Christmas CDs and DVDs at the same time he’s in his office at home on the computer or doing paperwork. So let us know how many of each you need. We’ll have plenty!


On the home front, poor Jerry still has to clean out our gutters, for which the big oak tree in the backyard gives him job security year round. He doesn’t think someone else could do it the way he does. Thankfully, the grass will only need cutting one more time this season. Then there’s the oil that has to be changed in both older vehicles that the Lord has provided us with. And, of course, there’s always the “honey do” list. He’s usually up before I am and stays up later than I do and I know for a fact he spends a lot of time in prayer and Bible study and writing.


Some of you may know that last year he put a new hymnbook together (Hymns of Our Redeemer) and keeps some printed in case someone who doesn’t need any musical accompaniment wants to use them. But now his plan is to finally begin working on the music for it when he has time here at home to spend hours in front of the computer. He’s excited about that.


One more thing…….on November 29th we’ll celebrate our 20th anniversary! Those of you who were at our wedding, can you believe it? It was a lovely church wedding with beautiful music and wonderful friends and family members who love us. Our pastor, another pastor friend, and Jerry’s father all spoke meaningful words over us. We exchanged vows and rings. But the most important part was that we were joined together in ministry as well as marriage. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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