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November 2013


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Oh, what a wonder Jesus is! As the Word of God, the Son of God, He ruled the halls of Heaven and the full expanse of the Universe as a person of the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created everything that was created. He lived from all eternity in the divine bliss of unbroken, infinitely loving fellowship in what we call the Trinity. He put off the magnificence and the glory of His heavenly robe and took on a human body. Jesus subjected Himself to the rigid bars of "time" and "space" and "physical form" for the love of the Father. He perfectly expressed the nature and the being of God to the fallen race of mankind. He was fully human...and...He was still fully God. He lived among men and women who misunderstood and rejected Him as their Deliverer. The Son of God submitted to the will of the Father, knowing from whence He had come and to what His Mission was leading Him. Humans persecuted Him, tortured Him and killed Him. By His death, He took on Himself the punishment we all deserve because of disobedience and dishonesty in our hearts. But, because of His obedience, the Father has "highly exalted Him": He was raised from the dead to become the Firstborn in a new family of new creatures: those who believe in HIM, who are "born from above." Because He has made an atonement for our sins and redeemed us from enslavement to guilt, fear, death and iniquity, we all are invited to accept the great gift of inheritance with Him in eternal Glory! He, right now, sits at the right hand of God, still serving, still ministering: praying, interceding for us.

Now, to bring this home, here we are, two-thousand years since Jesus walked among us, thousands of miles from where He ministered. Who knows how far we are from where He lives today?! And He still goes to the trouble of seeing to the needs of this little ministry to frail humans, many of whom don't remember their own name, who don't even own the shirt on their back and who are totally at the mercy of someone else for their next meal!

Specifically, we lost the home for our printing operations. This arm of our mission provides large-print hymn booklets and large-print Christmas Carol booklets to other Christian ministers and staff members of long-term care facilities for use by their residents. The company that owned the building had donated space for us. They sold it to another large corporation effective in October. The new owners could not donate space to us and even if we paid for it, they did not want us using their power to run our risographs to do the printing.

So, for the past month, our printing ministry has been looking for a new home. To make this a bit more exciting, we had to find such a place with little budget to work with. (Mind you, we are not complaining here - just painting the picture of God's loving provision.) We delivered a little packet of information about us and what we needed to some likely businesses and churches. No place opened up...except one. It is a facility almost identical to the one we had before and they are also donating the space and the electricity for us to use. Our total expenses for the room is $9 a month for insurance of our equipment!

Think about this Jesus that we are speaking of! Certainly we are grateful to the company that has graciously consented to host us. But we know that every wholesome blessing comes from the loving Creator of Blessings. As magnificent as He is, as vast His domain, Christ Jesus cares for our little concerns. Indeed, as His brothers and sisters, we can cast all our care on Him for He can handle it!

And we want you to know that we are deeply thankful to you for your kind assistance to this work. We realize that each of you who support us in prayer and in finances do so expecting no temporal reward. We are humbled by your sacrifice. We pray God's grace and peace be ever increasingly yours! May God grant us all a deeper revelation of His Son in our hearts and in our minds. And, may these little hymn booklets that we give to nursing home residents all over the English-speaking world be effective spiritual guided-missiles of the supernatural revelation of His love and His saving grace.

Love in Christ to You,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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