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November 2012


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Looking back over 21 years of ministry in Christian Concourse, we see plainly the Lord Jesus' sustaining grace marking the path every step of the way! Of course, there have been struggles, and there have been disappointments, and there have been mistakes on our part. And we can say with humble thanksgiving, that the Master's gentle, but unwavering guidance has kept us going and His faithful loving-kindness has strengthened us.

Indeed, time and again, there have been wonderful blessings dropped in our lap. God has paved our pathway with unexpected gifts and kindnesses from the very beginning. All along the way we have seen our Lord's faithfulness indelibly inscribed in the details of our daily activities. And etched in bold type on our hearts are the joys we share in some of His more notable provisions.

To His glory, let us list a few of His bold provisions for this ministry. First, we mention Jerry's parents who personified unbreakable faith, the encouragement of supernaturally optimistic hope and the unselfishness of prayer springing from the fountain of godly love. Then, there was Pastor Ed Strange and the congregation of Churchland Christian Fellowship, and Walt Ewell and David Keim who nursed the vision the Lord gave Jerry into reality. The Lord used Walt's sister, Sylvia Ewell to bolster us with her confidence and her generosity in the leanness of the early years. Hampton Roads Activity Professionals Association has welcomed Christian Concourse to be on their meeting agenda every month for the past twenty years. Rev. Frank Drake and the congregation of Willowwood Presbyterian Church provided us with several rooms in their educational building for the sole cost of utilities for over fourteen years. Rev. Ray Stiles and Missionary Bob Walker and Rev. Fred Braswell and Rev. John Dooley took us seriously enough to faithfully, freely give encouragement, especially when it was hard to find anywhere else. Years ago the Lord brought Rev. Larry McAdoo and David Ensley into our lives as tenacious, unselfish friends and faithful board members. Last year, Morningstar Storage donated a 10' by 20' climate controlled unit for us to use as a print shop. We've had three printing presses donated for our work. Good Shepherd Community Chapel has accepted our part-time pastoral ministry for the past several years, easing some of the demand on Christian Concourse to provide our support. There's not enough room in this letter to include all the financial donations that came unexpected and just in time for some "crisis" the ministry faced. Maybe the greatest provision from the Lord Jesus for this ministry was our marriage in 1997 - we celebrate our fifteenth anniversary on the 29th of this month.

We have mentioned a few of the names that come to mind when we think of God's sustaining grace for this ministry. There are so many more. God knows who you are. We recognize that it is primarily His people who support His work. When we go to a nursing home to visit a friend or do a "church service," when we mail out a package of hymnbooks and CDs, when we are bagging up "care packages," when we're answering email and working on the website, when we are running the printing press or making CD labels, we are mindful of all of you who help us so faithfully, so unselfishly, in so many ways. You are His hands and His feet, right here, on earth, in the flesh! Glory to God in the Highest! We do not take one of you for granted. And we pray God's blessing in your life, in your family, in your finances, in your health, and in your fellowship with Him and His people.

We Love You In Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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