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October 2018


Dear Saints in Christ:


We pray this note finds each of you rejoicing in the faithfulness of our glorious, victorious Savior, Jesus Christ. Certainly, let us come boldly into His precious presence in prayer, not on our own worthiness or our sinlessness, but by His unfailing, eternal love and grace poured out on us through faith in His perfect sacrifice and His pure-blood atonement for our sins! Let us embrace His invitation to come to Him and walk with renewed strength and determination into the coming days with the unwavering confidence that He will work all things in our life for the good as we stroll through the "good" and the "bad" times with a loving grip on His kind, patient, powerful hand. This is GOD ALMIGHTY we are dealing with here! This is our heritage - unmerited - unearned - undeserved - but no power in heaven, no power on earth, no power under the earth can stand in His way of salvation and affection for us, His children. Hallelujah!


Loving Savior, help us to hold on to You no matter what. May the witness of our joyful attitude, our patient words and our kind deeds be genuine and heart-felt in the face of our difficulties and suffering. May our struggles be testimonies to Your sustenance in the storms of life. May our weaknesses and our failings be a monument to Your mercy and forgiveness as we humble ourselves before Your throne in confession and repentance. May our difficulties in this life prove to be opportunities for You to shine as we place our faith in Your abilities and we trust Your desire to bless us!


Dear Holy Lord, hold us up. Empower us with courage and wisdom and love for each individual You bring into our life. May we be shining lights of Your gospel, Your eternal love, Your Saving Grace! Oh, let us tell it. Let us tell it! Let us lift up Your name before the world You have placed us in. May we look at our circumstances and our relationships in the light of Your wonderful Word...and may we speak the Truth in Love. Let our words minister grace to the listener. Let our conversation be an illuminating torch of Your reality and Your will and may what we say be spoken with Your patience and kindness and brotherly affection for all.


God, use us, and use our friends who read this little letter. In our circumstances and our relationships use us to magnify and glorify Your Glorious Name - BLESSED BE YOUR GLORIOUS NAME! Send revival to our hearts, such a revival that it will spill out all over the darkness and the lostness and the hopelessness of the world around us! We know this would be a marvelous miracle, but we know You are a miracle working God!


Father, through the passion of Christ Jesus Your Son, by the power of Your Holy Spirit flooding our hearts, please make us a blessing especially to those whom you have called so many of us to minister to in nursing homes. Make us instruments of Your encouragement and Your healing. Make us messengers of Your Saving Grace so freely offered to all who will believe in Your Son. God, we pray for those You have sent to care facility ministry all over the world. We pray for those who help us in finances and prayer for the work of Christian Concourse. Take the humble efforts we offer You in nursing home ministry, in Christian poetry and in small-group Bible study and prayer and multiply them to bear much fruit in Your Kingdom. In the precious name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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