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October 2015


Dear Friends,

We are delighted to count each one of you as our friend. How wonderful it would be if we could sit down with all of you individually and share in fellowship with the Lord! Well, we know someday we will join a huge throng of brothers and sisters in Christ and share a feast together with Him in intimate fellowship and communion. What a day that will be! Until then, we will keep the lights burning for our Savior in the corner where He has asked us to His grace. And we know that your sacrifice in finances and in your time of prayer for our work is a reflection of His love for us through you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and your willingness to give for His ministry in the field He has placed us. We are honored by your love and we pray God bless you real good. Praise be to the One who loves us all!

With deep gratitude to the Lord, we can report that our labor and your support for this work is not in vain. The anointing of the Holy Spirit in the "church services" that we conduct Is made plain and obvious by the response of the hungry souls to whom He has called us to minister. We are very much aware of how important it is for the Christian community not to forget the needs of the elderly and the infirm who call care facilities their home. They need to be encouraged in their faith in Christ just like the rest of us. For certain, they sense better than most how critical their faith in Christ is as they deal with an intensity of struggles from which many of us have been spared. Many times we witness tears of sadness and pain. But as a testimony to the tangible caress of God in the hearts of His little children we share with nursing home residents tears of joy and gratitude. In every case, God cares infinitely for His little lambs and we know that we are His hands and His feet to help them. Again, we thank you sincerely for your support in our labors through your finances and your prayers.

Another area in which the Lord Jesus kindly gives us positive feedback for our labors is through the music CDs and booklets of hymns and Christmas carols. These effective little tools are provided without charge to other Christian nursing home ministers throughout the United States and around the world! We give them away because they are for the residents and we do not want to put any hindrance on the staff of the facilities or the volunteers to be generous with them. We tell everyone to let the residents keep their booklet if they would benefit from having it and when the supply runs low just call us and we will send them more as long as we are able. Praise God! He supplies!

Here is a note we recently received about our "Favorite Hymns of Grace:"

Dear Jerry and Dar, words are hard to express how much our groups (2) are enjoying the "gospel" songbooks! After each song one person of our group reads and expounds on each scripture (for that song)!! It's a blessing to all!! Thank you so much for the work you are doing on behalf of His Kingdom! May you and yours be blessed today and everyday til we see His magnificent - pure - sweet face! In Christ alone, Judy

Well, to our supporters and prayer warriors we say the blessing is yours too! Thank you again for your kindness.

Love, In Christ,


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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