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October 2013


Dear Friends,


A recent PBS special featured the deficiencies in the level of care that some residents in assisted living facilities have received. In the past, we have read newspaper articles that have spot-lighted the sad plight of many who live in nursing homes. Occasionally, we will hear of a death in a care facility as a result of improper procedures and careless treatment. We recognize that these reports come to us based, at least to some degree, on facts uncovered by professional research and investigation.


Certainly, the impact of any one of these stories is shocking and saddening. Any amount of abuse in a long-term care setting is too much abuse! In our modern culture, residents in care centers join the unborn and little children as the most vulnerable to public policy and societal attitudes and concerns. Joining the news reels on nursing home resident abuse are the staggering statistics that our country has "legally" aborted over 56,000,000 unborn babies since Roe vs. Wade in 1973.* Every year in the U. S. there are reports of child abuse involving more than 6,000,000 children. At least 4 children die every day in our country due to abuse and neglect.** And in the year 2000, states reported a total of 472,813 cases in the U. S. of elder/adult abuse in nursing homes in one year. It should be noted that experts estimate that only 1 in 5 cases of elder abuse is reported.***


To compound the issues our society faces in the arena of elder abuse, the "baby-boomer effect" is just now getting in high gear. There are about 1.6 million nursing home residents today. In 30 years that number is expected to grow to 5 million.*** It stands to reason then, that in the coming years we can foresee a significant increase in the number of elders suffering from deficient care.


Though conscientious politicians must pursue legislation and funding to address this crisis, and social activists must continue their vigilant investigation and reporting, the truth is that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only institution on earth with the answer to this problem.


What can we do? Pray. Yes, you and us. We can pray. Then, if we each do whatever God tells us to do about it, even if it is just to keep praying, we will know in Whose hands the problem rests. You may or may not be the Christian activist who cries the loudest and does the most in your local facilities. But it is very likely that the Lord Jesus could point out something, even though small, that you could do to show His love to a nursing home resident, if you will just give Him an ear on the matter. If you feel led to pursue a direct ministry of love and would like some ideas and guidelines, browse our website at Look in the menu under "LTC Ministry."


Now, while we are talking about love, let me mention the staff of your local facility. In the past 22 years we've provided thousands of volunteer hours in scores of care facilities doing worship services and one-on-ones. In this time, we have had the privilege of working with many activity directors and their assistants that sacrifice every day to care as best they can for their residents. It is not unusual for us to hear of them using their personal time and finances to help the more needy in their facility. The task our society is asking them to do is a very, very trying and emotionally difficult job. The staff does not need condemnation from the Christian community, they need help!


We understand that there are many worthy causes to which the Lord may call us. Each one is important to Him. It is just that we know that the long-term care arena is one of them, and we are honored that you have taken the time to read this letter, and given it your thoughts and consideration. We also want to thank you for your prayer and financial support for us as we continue to minister in the mission field of Christian Concourse.


Blessings to You,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson




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