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October 2011


Dear Friends,

As many of you are well aware, we are at war on planet Earth! The majestic, supreme sovereign of our faith has commissioned each of His Children in His mighty army as bearers of His Banner of Love! In the name of Jesus Christ we are all charged with spreading the message of His victory over slavery to sin and His promise of eternal life to all who will believe on Him in their hearts and confess their faith in Him by their testimony to others (Romans 10:9).

The front line of this war is the hearts of people, all people...including people who call a long-term care facility their home. God Almighty has sent many of His faithful warriors to this field of battle to lovingly share His grace and His mercy with the elderly and the infirm of care facilities. Because the way of the world is to gravitate to the attractive, the youthful, the successful, the prosperous, and the pleasant, the residents often feel forgotten, lonely, hopeless and unloved.

But they are not forgotten; they are not alone; they are not without hope; they are not unloved! The Master of Love knows each one of them by name. He shed His blood for each one of them. He paid the full price of the ransom for their souls. And, through the door of a tiny sliver of faith in Him, He will flood their hearts with His presence.

Every time we lift up the name of Jesus in a nursing home we are slapping the Devil in the face. If resisting him makes him flee (James 4:7), what do you think trouncing into his stronghold of despair, depression and fear proclaiming the Kingdom of God does? What an honor that God would send us to His little ones in care facilities with such a wonderful, glorious message:  "Jesus Christ has won! He wants to live in your heart!"

Many of the dear souls we minister to have traveled long years with our Master. They have taught Sunday School, sang in the choir, supported the Lord's work, but now they are fighting a battle we can hardly relate to. They are in the battle of their life! They are thirsty for encouragement. They are starving for fellowship. How soothing to their aching heart to hear a word of Jesus' love for them! How refreshing to their soul to feel the touch of the Master's hand as He promised to be wherever two or three are gathered in His name (Matthew 18:20)!

This is why we do what we do. By Christ's calling on our lives, we share in the suffering of the residents of nursing homes and we share in the Lord's burden to minister His love and encouragement to them. We earnestly pray over the materials we send out for Christian volunteers to use in their ministry to care facilities. We do all we can to help the staff of facilities to understand and meet the ministry needs of their Christian residents. We freely give all our resources and materials to anyone who can use them in this mission field.

Do you feel God's tug on your heart to get more involved in this labor of love? Call us. We will do all we can to help you get started. Please know, if the Lord is nudging you toward this work, He will empower you to be a blessing...all He needs is a willing vessel.

Maybe you have thought in the past about helping us financially. Our support is down, which is not surprising in our current economic climate, but the need is getting greater! We do not want to slack up. We want to take definite steps toward increasing our effectiveness in ministry. But we need finances to do it. If you are not currently supporting us now, please, prayerfully consider what you can do. It may be a hassle to write that check every month, but no matter how small, every dollar is deeply appreciated.

We want to thank each one of you who sacrificially give to this work. We do all we can to make your gift stretch as far as possible to the discharge of the ministerial responsibilities God has given us. Please, join with us in praying for the Lord to guide us with His wisdom concerning our finances. And pray for the Lord to touch the hearts of others who can help us. Again, thank you.


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson.

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