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September 2016



Greetings Friends of Christian Concourse! A few announcements:

It’s That Time of Year Again! Several cases of our "Christian Christmas Carols" are printed, stapled, folded, cut and waiting for your order. If you are involved in ministry to the elderly and infirm we encourage you to take advantage of this free resource. We will send to you, at no charge, as many as you need along with the instrumental and vocal CD set. If you know someone else who works or volunteers in long-term care ministry, please, let them know about this ministry tool. The percentage of nursing home residents who would participate in a Christian celebration of Christ's birth is very high. This is a great time to share the love of Jesus with your friends in the facility. These simple hymn booklets and CDs offer you a wonderful opportunity to be a catalyst for joy in the lives of care facility residents who are often saddened by memories during the Christmas season. O what a privilege and an honor to be involved in nursing home ministry!

Don’t Forget Our New Christmas Video! We want to remind you that we have completed our Christmas carol video. We call it "The Birth of Christ - in scripture and hymns." Photographs were lovingly taken of all 42 of Dar’s collection of manger scenes, and we rode around Hampton Roads this past Christmas season photographing and videoing as many Christian-centered yard decorations as we could find. These images are on the screen as a backdrop to the singing of all twelve Christmas hymns in our Christian Christmas Carols booklet. In addition, we read the Scriptural account of the birth of Christ before and in between the hymns on the DVD. This tool can be a comfort to our friends in nursing homes during the sometimes difficult holiday season.

Please Tell Others! We regularly receive compliments for the materials that we produce and the resources we provide from others who do nursing home ministry. If you know anyone who ministers in a long-term care setting or anyone who works in a care facility, PLEASE tell them about us. As we have stressed often, all of our materials and resources and activities are provided at no charge. We are overjoyed when someone sends us a request for hymnbooks or writes to us to thank us for making such a comprehensive collection of ministry tools available for free on our website.

Special thanks to each of you who encourage us with your prayers and your financial support. The joy and honor of doing this mission work is so very rewarding. It is hard for us to express in adequate terms what a blessing you are to this work, to Jerry and Dar and to so many hurting and lonely souls living in nursing homes throughout this great land. Oh, to God be the glory, great things He hath done!!!

Blessings to You in the Lord,

Jerry and Dar Johnson


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


As some of you know, Jerry recently had a bit of a hiccup in his health. He is exploring the joys of aging to the ripe old age of sixty-seven! A scan of the circulation to his heart looked excellent so we are on the journey of getting the medications balanced to accommodate some mild angina, which runs in the family. Though his wings are clipped a bit on the short run here, we are trusting God to be able to return to full speed soon. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


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