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September 2015


Greetings Friends!

Christian Christmas Carol Booklets are ready - Plenty of our "Christian Christmas Carols" are printed, stapled, folded, cut and waiting for your order. If you are involved in ministry to the elderly and infirmed we encourage you to take advantage of this free resource. We will send to you, at no charge, as many as you need along with the instrumental and vocal CD set. If you know someone else who works or volunteers in long-term care ministry, please, let them know about this ministry tool. The percentage of nursing home residents who would participate in a Christian celebration of Christ's birth is very high. This is a great time to share the love of Jesus with your friends in the facility. These simple hymn booklets and CDs offer you a wonderful opportunity to be a catalyst for joy in the lives of care facility residents who are often saddened by memories during the Christmas season. O what a privilege and an honor to be involved in nursing home ministry!

Our Sunday Morning Services at Beth Shalom - You may remember from previous newsletters that we recently started holding "Christian church services" in our local Jewish nursing home on Sunday mornings. Of course, we are honored by this invitation and consider it a privilege to minister there. There is a significant percentage of Christian residents at Beth Shalom and the workers there are very conscientious in seeking to meet the spiritual needs of their gentile population. It has been humbling to watch our congregation grow over these first few months. Participation in singing, praying and testifying by the residents is enthusiastic and sincere. Especially gratifying is the eagerness with which the ministry of the Word is received by these elderly saints. They are hungry for the encouragement and strength that the preaching of God's Word brings. The Lord is blessing and we deeply appreciate your prayers as we continue in our service to the residents of this facility.

● Online Resources - A very important aspect of our labor for the Lord is to provide resources and materials to aid others who are involved in nursing home ministry. Our website has a wealth of information, guidelines, tools, links to other nursing home ministries, training materials, poems relevant to long-term care settings, videos, ideas and suggestions for activities, sermonettes, scriptures and prayers related to care center ministry, and a lot more!

Please Tell Others! - We regularly receive compliments for the materials that we produce and the resources we provide from others who do nursing home ministry. If you know anyone who ministers in a long-term care setting or anyone who works in a care facility, PLEASE tell them about us. As we have stressed often, all of our materials and resources and activities are provided at no charge. We are overjoyed when someone sends us a request for hymnbooks or writes to us to thank us for making such a comprehensive collection of ministry tools available for free on our website.

Your prayers for this work are crucial. Your financial support is deeply appreciated. We thank each of you for being a friend to this ministry.

Love, In Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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