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September 2012


Dear Partners in Christian Ministry,


We at Christian Concourse consider it a great honor to be involved in formal ministry in the Lord's vineyard. The experience we have gained and the resources the Lord has enabled us to develop are a gift – and we honor the Giver for His kindness for empowering and sustaining us in service to Him. We consider the most important thing we do in this mission field is to share His message of Good News. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the focus of our personal hope and the emphasis of our communications to others. You will find this emphasis in our Articles of Incorporation, in our Tenets of Faith and Ethics, on our website, in our nursing home ministry materials, in the services we conduct in care facilities, in the poetry we publish, and in Chapter & Verse, the inductive Bible study that we promote.


We consider this priority placed on the Gospel in our labors for Christ to be the justification for our appeal to you for your support in prayer and finances. For the sake of the message of salvation through Christ Jesus, we thank you for your thoughtful kindness to this ministry. We know that those of you who share with us in these labors with sacrifice from your heart, you also share in His bountiful blessing in Christ Jesus for a faithful witness to His saving Grace.


For those of you who are directly involved in long-term care ministry, we would be honored for you to browse our website for more information on the materials we mention above. You will find there a fairly comprehensive resource for ideas, guidelines, information, tools, poems, songbooks, background, and instruction specifically tailored for nursing home ministry. In addition, below we list the websites of several other ministries with whom we are familiar who also provide Christ-centered resources for LTC ministry. Reflecting the Christian passion for seniors of Drs. Rich and Diana Walters, this website introduces a new series of aids that is transforming spiritual care-giving to persons who have Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia or cognitive limitation.


Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry: Faithful Friends' mission is to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ in the nursing home environment, providing support and encouragement by regular visits of caring Christians. They support other interested groups and churches with training, multimedia ministry materials, and assistance in recruiting volunteers. This is the patriarch of nursing home ministries on the web. To this site all others are compared!


Gleam Inc: The purpose of this organization is to provide consultation, mentoring and materials to GLEAM volunteers who will provide stimulation, comfort, and relaxation for those suffering from dementia and related disorders in long term care facilities, maintaining their honor and dignity, and recognizing each as a whole person - body, mind, and spirit. These materials will be organized to integrate the use of audio recordings of the Word of God, carefully selected music, and devotional messages.


God Cares Ministrty: A ministry serving the needs of volunteers who want to share the love and word of our Lord Jesus with the people in long term care centers.


Nursing Home Ministries: The goal of Nursing Home Ministries is to reach out to adult care facilities in America with the love of the Lord. Through commissioned chaplains and volunteers, they are gaining access to and ministering in hundreds of adult care facilities throughout the USA.


Sonshine Society: The Sonshine Society is an interdenominational organization for the purpose of challenging local churches and individual Christians to provide a consistent and effective Christian witness to people who, due to age or physical impairment, are unable to participate in the worship and instructional services of the Christian church. This is the premier nursing home ministry in America! They have the most comprehensive battery of resources and tools for care facility ministry in the world! And they are really humble children of the King.


If you contact any of the above ministries, please tell them we said, "Hello!" And call us if we can help you in your outreach to nursing homes or if you need any of our songbooks and CDs. Thanks again, for your kindness toward this ministry. Blessings to you in Jesus' name.



Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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