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August 2016



Dear Friends and Supporters:

Hello! With this note from our hearts to your hearts we send love and appreciation for your kindness and your encouragement to us! Even though we are not able to communicate personally with each of you on a regular basis, we are very conscious to take special note of those who support us with financial donations and prayer as we go about the business of Christian Concourse each month. We see God’s love beaming upon us through each temporal gift sent to strengthen us and each prayer sent before the throne of heaven on our behalf! Thank you for the faithfulness of your giving over the years through the sacrifice of your money and your time in prayer. Please know that your assistance and your love extends into the lives of thousands of God’s little children in hundreds of care facilities.

All New Christmas Video!
We are excited to announce the completion of our Christmas carol video. We call it "The Birth of Christ - in scripture and hymns." We took photographs of all 42 of Dar’s collection of manger scenes, and rode around Hampton Roads this past Christmas season photographing and videoing as many Christian-centered yard decorations as we could find. We put these images on the screen as a backdrop to the singing of all twelve Christmas hymns in our Christian Christmas Carols booklet. In addition, we read the Scriptural account of the birth of Christ before and in between the hymns on the DVD. Overall, we fully expect this tool to be a comfort to our friends in nursing homes during the sometimes difficult holiday season.

All New Hymn Booklet!
There is something else new to announce this month. We have finished work on another hymn booklet for use in nursing home ministry. It is called, "Hymns of Our Redeemer." We will be distributing this resource primarily to those who have been using "Favorite Hymns of Grace" for some time and are ready for a different group of songs to choose from. Though we will be working toward having them, it will be a while before we produce the music CDs and the DVDs for this new collection of classic hymns. The list of twenty-seven selections in "Hymns of Our Redeemer" include "Open Mine Eyes," "His Eye is On the Sparrow," "In the Garden," "Jesus Paid it All," "Whispering Hope," and, naturally, "Redeemed."

We joyfully and gratefully add these two new resources to our arsenal of materials to promote the Gospel message in the nursing home arena. This is our mission field and, again, we thank you for the crucial component of your assistance in this work for Jesus Christ.

Blessings in the Lord,

Jerry and Dar Johnson


If you are helping us financially, please know that we are grateful for your kindness. We are able to reach out with our resources and tools for nursing home ministry because someone gives. If you are able, and do not help us with regular donations, please, prayerfully consider this work in your support of the Christian message to care centers throughout the United States and in several English-speaking countries overseas. Again, thank you.


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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