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August 2015



Greetings Friends!


 It is that time of year again! Fall is coming and we are gearing up for our annual printing of "Christian Christmas Carols." Orders are already beginning to come in. If you are involved in ministry to the elderly and infirmed we encourage you to take advantage of this free resource. We will send to you, at no charge, as many as you need along with the instrumental and vocal CD set. If you know someone else who works or volunteers in long-term care ministry, please, let them know about this ministry tool. The percentage of nursing home residents who would participate in a Christian celebration of Christ's birth is very high. This is a great time to share the love of Jesus with your friends in the facility. These simple hymn booklets and CDs offer you a wonderful opportunity to be a catalyst for joy in the lives of care facility residents who are often saddened by memories during the Christmas season. O what a privilege and an honor to be involved in nursing home ministry!


 Hot off the press! Just posted on our website this morning is a small booklet by Jerry Johnson on the subject of a daily walk with Christ. It is titled, "The Practice of Divine Light." Issuing from 60 years of a rock and roll relationship with our Lord, this is a work of love offered to anyone interested in reflecting with Jerry on the practical dynamics of a daily relationship with God Almighty. Here's an excerpt from the booklet:


Light is truth, but not just "accurate facts" - light is truth with understanding and discernment and wisdom and compassion and faith and so much more. Light is the basking of the soul in the infinite sea of the love and care of God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. Light is the medium, the atmosphere, the ethos of communion, true communion, true spiritual communion with the Prince of Peace. All the action figures, and all the super-heros that all the professional gamers and Hollywood dreamers can concoct don't come close to the reality of what believers are called to swim and revel in!!!!!!! Oh God, help us put into shoe leather what You mean by "walking in the Light!"


You can find the download of the booklet at: Good News  . If you cannot access the internet, call us and we will send you a printed copy for your personal use.


 Our vision for nursing home ministry videos is coming into focus! We have two short samples of what we are aiming at in our new videos for nursing home residents. They are available for you to view at: . We would be honored if you would take a few minutes and check them out. They are titled, "Blessed Assurance" and "Jesus Saves." Let us know what you think and leave a comment on the site.


 Your support is deeply appreciated! These projects and all the other ministry activities of Christian Concourse require prayer and financial resources. We strive to keep costs to a minimum and are humbled and blessed by your help as we labor in this mission field. May God richly reward you!


Love, Through Our Lord Jesus Christ,


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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