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July 2012


Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As we work on our monthly mailing to those who support us in finances and prayer, we are always mindful of the sacrifices each of you make to help us. Some of you have been assisting us for many years. Since Jerry began this ministry 21 years ago we have been completely dependent on the Lord through the kindness of His people as He sustains us with their donations, their sincere intercession and their volunteer time. As we enter donations in the database, fold, stuff, stamp and label the letters, and prepare statements for the government and our board, we are praying for you and expressing our thanks for you to Jesus.

It would be great if we could sit down and talk with each of you every so often, but that just is not possible. Most of our time is not our own. But we do look forward to some day sharing the glory of His presence around the throne of Heaven with you all. What a wonder to imagine that day!

As most of you know, we produce and distribute a handy little hymn book for use in nursing home ministry. This is a booklet of tried and true favorites. The print is large. There is a summary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the front. Each hymn has a relevant scripture verse beneath it. Also, there are several scriptures at the back of the booklet taken from familiar passages in the Bible.

For use with the hymn book, we have produced an instrumental accompaniment CD set. Together, the booklets and the CDs make a marvelous aid for use in a church service in any long-term care setting.

We do all the printing, stapling, folding and cutting for the hymn books ourselves. When we get an order by phone, word of mouth, or email, we pack them up and mail them off at no charge to the facility or volunteer who requests them. It is truly a delight to pass these packages of love along for use in care center ministry.

We want to share with you the joy of giving this gift to others. If you know anyone who ministers in a long-term care facility, or is elderly and shut-in, please forward our contact information to them. All they need do is contact us and we will get right on to it. It really is our privilege.

In the fall we will be doing another run of our "Christian Christmas Carols," so don't forget to mention these when you tell folks about our resources.

Speaking of resources, we should mention the "Worship Service Programs" and the "Memorial Service" programs that are available on our website as a free download. These are set up like a church bulletin and give the long-term care minister a framework for a neatly organized presentation.

Remember, everything we provide for nursing home ministry is given at no cost for the benefit of residents of care centers. Please! Help us share the word.

Again, let us say, "THANK YOU!" for the blessing of your support. We trust God will richly bless you for your kindness.



Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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