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July 2011


Dear Friends,

We greet you in the precious Name above all names, Jesus Christ. Thankfulness floods our hearts as we take account of your encouragement to us as we seek to follow the Master in this ministry. You represent to us such a solid testimony to the Lord's faithfulness and the bounty of His provision. Please accept this expression of our gratitude for your prayers and your financial support as we could never repay you for the blessing you have been to us! Thank you for responding to the Lord's prompting in your heart. It is our confidence that He knows your faithfulness and we pray His blessings be on you.

Please know that we take your assistance to this ministry as a great responsibility. It is our constant cry to God that He lead us and empower us to bear fruit to His kingdom in the mission field that He has placed us in. And, as He answers our prayers, we rejoice in the thought that you share with us in the blessings of God's ministry to others through our work.

As we print, collate, staple, fold and cut our little "hymnbooks" we pray over them, that God would accompany each one with His anointing; that the feeble hearts of His children that use them will be strengthened in their faith in Him; that unbelievers will read the summary of the Gospel in the front of each copy and surrender to Him in repentance and be saved from Hell. There are thousands of these "ministry missiles" out there and we regularly receive requests for more. By the grace of God and your faithfulness we are able to mail these booklets out at no cost to the ministers and facility staff who request them. As we have chronicled in prior letters, many have written to us their testimonies to the usefulness and the blessing the hymnbooks are to nursing home residents everywhere! We thank you for paying for the paper and the maintenance fees on our printing press.

When we observe the Lord's Supper with the residents at a local nursing home, we are mindful of your participation with us. You paid for the gas in our car and for the bread and the fruit of the vine!

It is not unusual for us to watch elderly men and women stricken with dementia stir to attention and enter into sincere worship of the Lord as we sing the old hymns of the Christian faith in a nursing home service. It is evident that they remember the sweet memories of the whispers of the Holy Spirit as they learned these songs years ago in church. You help put the smile on their time-worn faces. You help give them a few moments of peace in the midst of a mental storm we can hardly relate to!

When we buy M&M's for a little paraplegic sequestered in a tiny room in a nursing home and take that bag of sweets to her with the love of Jesus on our lips and a prayer for her eternal soul in our hearts, you stand there beside her bed with us. What a greeting we await when we meet her dancing at heaven's gate!

When the enemy seeks to discourage us. When that devil throws his fiery darts. When he uses circumstances to hinder and delay us. When Satan tries to jump on our blind side and he needles our weak spots, make no mistake, have no doubt, your prayers help sustain us. Knowing you are there, standing in the gap for us, bears so much of the weight of this mission field for us. How can we say, "Thank you"? How can we ever repay you?

We lift our hands in love and adoration to the Lord Jesus for such bountiful supply to His Body through His Body!

"And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just." Luke 14:14

We Love You in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson.

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