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June 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Greetings to each one of you in the name of our Heavenly Father, His Beloved Son, Jesus the Messiah, and His Comforting, Teaching, Advocating Holy Spirit. We pray and trust that this little letter finds you firmly holding your Father's hand, confident in the transforming grace of our Savior, the Christ, strengthened in your soul by the unfailing presence of your constant companion, the Spirit of God Almighty in your heart.

Praise God from Whom all precious, priceless heavenly gifts flow: every breeze of peace; every moment of joy; each washing revelation of His unfailing mercy; every restful miracle of childlike humility in our weary, anxious minds; every glimmer of faith in His eternal Word; every refreshing drink of hope that His promises are sure and enduring; every heavenly breath of love in our heart for God and for each fellow pilgrim whom God has placed in our life. Praise God, Who gladly, generously, supernaturally bestows upon His children His wondrous blessings of unfailing faith and hope and love!

God knows we trudge through a desert wasteland of vanity and sin in this world. He knows our heart would fail us but for the sustaining power of His Holy Spirit. He knows that, on our own, we are no match for the Enemy of our souls. The Father knows how vulnerable we are as His little, helpless sheep in the slaughter-house of this carnal realm.

Oh, how easy it is to lose sight of His loving smile in the cauldron of cares and pressures here below. How easy it is to forget that His mercy endures forever. How easy it is for us to let the noise of temptation and bad habits drown out His knock at the rusty, heavy door of our heart. How very easy to let the memories of His blessings yesterday drift away as we wade out into the morass of futile struggles today. And who does not know the dreadful sorrow of failure and defeat when all we had to do was trust in Him to see us through the trials of this life in His wisdom and strength?

Does Father God have a child among us today, including those in nursing homes, who cannot rejoice at His promise that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins AND to cleanse us from all unrighteousness? HALLELUJAH!!! What a forgiving God!

Does Father God have a child among us today, including those in nursing homes, who cannot be thrilled by the irrefutable fact that He loves us and has proven it to each of us by giving His only begotten Son upon Whom anyone can simply focus their faith and be given a new life that is imperishable, incorruptible, supernatural, eternal, and everlasting? HALLELUJAH!!! What a merciful Savior!

This is our request for all who hold this ministry up to God in prayer:
● that the Holy Spirit would powerfully, supernaturally anoint this message of His forgiving love and His merciful promise in our services in nursing homes and also in those performed by other Christian ministers in long-term care settings;
● that God would illuminate the hearts of all His servants whom He has called to this mission field with fresh, effective ways of communicating this message to the elderly and the sick. Thank you for praying. Really.

If you are helping us financially, please know that we are grateful for your kindness. We are able to reach out with our resources and tools for nursing home ministry because someone gives. If you are able, and do not help us with regular donations, please, prayerfully consider this work in your support of the Christian message to care centers. Again, thank you.

With Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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