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June 2015



Greetings Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Just a note to bring you up to date on a few of our current projects and ministry activities:

Nursing Home "Church Services": As we mentioned in our last letter, we have begun conducting Sunday morning services for our local Jewish care facility, Beth Shalom. I think the name translates loosely as, "House of Peace and Well Being." We certainly look to the Father to minister "peace and well-being" to His little flock of Christians in this unique setting. It is safe to say we have already experienced His hand of blessing in our fellowship there. This brings a significant increase to the number of "church services" we are conducting each month and we would really appreciate your prayer support for strength and the anointing of the Holy Spirit as we minister in the name of Jesus Christ. The other facilities in which we conduct services on a monthly basis include Heritage Hall in Virginia Beach, Consulate of Lafayette Villa, Envoy of Thornton Hall and Sentara in Norfolk.

Nursing Home Videos: We continue to joyfully climb the steep learning curve of producing a series of 30 minute DVDs portraying beautiful landscape vistas and floral scenery. Overlaying the nature images, we will have Holy Scripture prominently displayed as it is being read audibly. Throughout the video there will be favorite hymns playing in the background. Sounds exciting. Can't wait!

This ministry tool may not win an Oscar, but we are certain that there will be a handful of God's children in each facility that would really enjoy the spiritual encouragement and strength that this graphic form of the written Word of God affords. We also expect these ministry tools to prove valuable in helping to ease the stressful emotions of those suffering from various forms of dementia.

Naturally, all of the photos and videos and all the music renditions used will be original. The Scripture translation we currently intend to use is the Lexham English Bible. This excellent version of the Bible comes from the same people who have given us the Logos Bible Software. It is provided with permission for us to freely use it for non-commercial purposes. As is the case with all our nursing home ministry materials, we will be distributing these gems to the elderly and infirm all over the world at no cost to them!

A Short Primer on Nursing Home Ministry: Hot off the press! This little booklet is a brief summary of the more important issues that a new Christian volunteer must consider in nursing home ministry. Taking from the years of our experience in this mission field, we try to cover the essentials in a concise, to-the-point manner. Though just touching the highlights, we trust this pamphlet will find readership among those who would not normally have the time for studying more in-depth material. And, of course, we would recommend this little primer as a good read for anyone setting out or already involved in ministry in long-term care settings.

Please pray! We share with you these ministry activities and plans in the hope that you will join with us in intercession for these and all of our other important projects. Thanks to each of you who give us your prayerful consideration. We also want to thank each of you who are able to share with us financially. We appreciate your sacrifice in every dollar we receive. Blessings to all in Christ Jesus!

Love, Sincerely,


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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