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June 2012


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Another month and another season is upon us! My, how quickly time passes. When you get as old as we are, you'll know what we mean......ha! This is a little sample of the levity we use in our interaction with the residents of care facilities. They usually laugh and we express our relief that they think it's funny. We say, "When ya'll stop laughing at this one, we'll know it's time for us to get one of those chairs with wheels on it!"


We try to use humor often in our "church services" in the facilities. It helps them and us to relax and open ourselves up to relating to one another more deeply and honestly. This is so important, especially in the context of care center ministry - we all come from such diverse backgrounds, socially, racially, economically and theologically.


But the fact that we may laugh from time to time in the course of a service is not to suggest that we think the job we are there to do is a trivial one! There is no question in our own heart as to how important a task we have been given. We are well aware of the eternal consequences interwoven explicitly into the warp and woof of our ministry as ambassadors for Jesus Christ in this most crucial mission field. The new faces and the missing faces we notice from one service to the next are a constant reminder to us that time is short...for all of us. And, all of us must accommodate the fact that eternity is a long time, and we are going to spend it either enveloped by the glories of being with Christ or (perish the thought) without Him forever in torment!


We quote John 3:16 in the course of just about every service we conduct. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life!" What a tremendous gift! What a tremendous promise! What a simple challenge - "ONLY BELIEVE!"


Yes, believe and keep on believing; in spite of the torrent of life's difficulties that crash around the hearts and minds of the dear elderly souls that we minister to; in spite of their failures, their faults, their regrets from the past. In spite of all the wrongs they did that haunt them...we are there to shout, to cry from the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ, with all the sincerity and certainty that God Almighty gives us the grace to muster, "ONLY BELIEVE!" Believe that Jesus really is who He said He was.


Believe that Jesus really did do on the Cross what He said He was going to do. Believe that Jesus really is, right now, in the throne room of Heaven, sitting at the right Hand of the Father interceding for us...praying for us! No one can separate us from the love of God! ONLY BELIEVE!


We know we minister to some who know Christ better than we do, who have been faithful to Him for as long as we have been alive. We know many come to our services who attended church all their lives but never encountered Him personally in their own heart. We know there are some who come that ran from God their whole life, but now they are having questions. It doesn't matter, the battle remains the same for all of us: ONLY BELIEVE...keep on believing! Don't give up! Put your faith in the message of Jesus Christ.


In an edition of The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics from the 1800's, in an article on the topic of "suffering" there is a statement that has proven itself over the years: "Faith is a post held in the midst of a furious attack against it that never ceases." We know that we stand at the flood gate of that vicious onslaught of the enemy in the lives of those we minister to; we stand there to defy the adversary of their soul with the plain and unalterable, eternal message that Jesus saves - ONLY BELIEVE!


It is with sober humility that we thank you for the part you play in helping us share this message. Also, on behalf of the untold number of lives the Lord touches every year through this ministry, we say, "Thank you." May God richly bless you.


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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