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May 2017


Dear Friends,

Greetings from Jerry and Dar! We send this note to you knowing that, by the grace of our Father God and the presence of His Holy Spirit living in our hearts, all His saints share together in the impartation of His endless blessings of loads of inexpressible joy, inexplicable peace, faith in Christ that never fails, hope that will never disappoint, and love that is boundless and unconditional! We thank God Almighty for each of our friends. You have shown us your Christian love with your prayers and your kindness. We are grateful for every one of you. It is our prayer that the Lord Jesus Christ bless you in special, tangible ways with an abundance of His fruit in your walk with Him according to His will. Alleluia!!! Amen!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the resources we make available on our website for nursing home ministry. All of these can be downloaded for free as ".pdf" files for you to use as you see fit to aid in Christian ministry in long-term-care settings. You will find them under the yellow heading of "LTC Ministry" in the middle of the menu at the top of every page.

1. A Short Primer on Nursing Home Ministry - If you are one of those Type A personalities driven to cut right to the chase, then we have provided this small booklet for you. Of course, we believe this would be a good "first" read for anyone setting out on the exciting ministry in the mission field of long-term care. The thoughts we share here come out of our experiences in nursing home ministry that began more than fifty years ago.

2. A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry – This is over 150 pages of background, guidelines, ideas, programs, information and resources for nursing home ministry.

3. Worship Service Programs – Each of these "church bulletins" are provided as a resource for volunteers and long-term care center staff who do "church services" in nursing facilities. They incorporate a poem, a responsive reading, an order-of-service, song selections from "Favorite Hymns of Grace" and a "sermonette." With the sermonette are opening and closing prayers written out for use as an option to extemporaneous prayer.

4. Nursing Home Ministry Devotionals - These lessons challenge God's children in their commitment to a life-long pursuit of Christian maturity and ministry, even if they live in a care facility. Some are like sermons and others are more like a Bible study. Some would need you to flesh them out but others stand alone as they are. Use them with discretion since all may not be appropriate for a given group. Each of them have been used effectively by the author in a nursing home setting.

5. Memorial Service Programs - In the event of the death of a resident, a care facility may choose to offer a memorial service for the staff, residents and family members to participate in. The programs (or service bulletins) include an invocation, a popular hymn, a responsive reading, a time of reflection on the lives of those who have passed, an appropriate poem and a benediction. By using these materials and following the simple programs provided, a staff member, a capable resident or a volunteer from the Christian community can conduct the memorial service.

6. ...and much, much more for nursing home ministry!

In addition to the above, there is free material on our site about The Good News, Unity in the Body of Christ, Christian Poetry & Original Writing, Chapter & Verse Bible Study, Prayer, and a lot of information about the ministry of Christian Concourse. Visit us at today.

With Grateful Hearts,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



"Comforting Words of Grace, Number Two" is ready!!! We are honored and blessed to be able to announce that the second DVD in the series, "Comforting Words of Grace" is now complete and ready for distribution. (View the segments of these DVDs here.)  Using the same format as the first in the series, this hour-long video plays the instrumental and vocal renditions of nine hymns from the middle of our hymn booklet, "Favorite Hymns of Grace" while showcasing many short clips of God’s wonderful, beautiful creation. During the instrumentals, scriptures are displayed on the screen and read out loud that relate to the message in each song. We have prepared and produced this resource and make it available upon request, at no charge (as resources allow), as a tool for ministry especially geared for the elderly, the infirm and those suffering from dementia.

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