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May 2016


Dear Friends of Christian Concourse:

Hello! It is a wonderful privilege to send you this note with the knowledge that it is received with the blessings of your support. We are grateful to each of you for your encouragement as we pursue the tasks that we feel the Lord has laid on our hearts. It is very humbling and gratifying at the same time for us to be sustained financially and prayerfully by our friends. When Jerry first embarked on this journey of full-time ministry it was, at first, hard to see how the next month would unfold and now we are looking at the memories and labors of 25 years with Christian Concourse! ...that's 300 months...9125 days! Wow! God is faithful!

Let us give you one really great example of how the Lord has orchestrated events and circumstances to steer this little ship on a safe and productive course:

When the Lord brought Dar into Jerry's life 19 years ago and, subsequently, into ministry with him, at first we could not see how that was going to work. As we contemplated God's will for us to join in life and ministry all Jerry could see was huge, immovable boulders and a thick mass of giant timbers blocking the road. One day, as he was praying about these insurmountable obstacles to what we were feeling God was leading us into, the Lord spoke to Jerry: "What you see as boulders and trees are just little sticks and pebbles to Me!" This simple word from the Lord sparked his faith to step out into this next phase of His calling for our lives. Indeed, "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of the Lord!" Certainly, God did not deny that the circumstances we faced were real, but what we lacked was His perspective on them and the faith to trust Him to see us through. He did not give us a million dollars! He gave us something far more valuable: with one simple statement God gave us the perspective and the faith we needed for us to follow Him together in marriage and in ministry.

Being obedient to God's leading comes with confirmation along the way! For example, an important role that the Lord gave Dar in the ministry of Christian Concourse is reflected in the fact that just about every tangible resource that we offer for nursing home ministers has been developed since our marriage! A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry. Our Hymn Book. Favorite Hymns of Grace. Christian Christmas Carols. The instrumental and vocal accompaniment CDs. A Short Primer for Nursing Home Ministers. Comforting Words of Grace DVDs. Christian Christmas Carols DVDs. Worship Service Programs. Memorial Service Programs. Long-term Care Devotionals.

Hallelujah!!!!!!! We know this is the Lord's doing, it is marvelous in our eyes! There is fruit in following the Lord! Only He knows how many thousands of elderly, sick and hurting souls have been encouraged and strengthened by the Holy Spirit as we place these little tools in His big hands.

So...we continue on this journey we call Christian Concourse and we are honored to have each of you walking with us as we seek to follow Jesus each mile of the way! Thank you!

With Grateful Love,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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