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May 2013


Dear Friends:


We want to remind you of the practical needs of long-term care residents. Many of you may be aware of our "Care Package" program. But if you are new to our mailing list, we want to let you know about it. Click here for a free .pdf copy of the flyer that we provide for letting folks in local churches learn about what is needed and how to help meet that need.


On the flyer is a list of items which has been approved by local activity directors. They must be new or carefully cleaned. Many care facility residents have little chance to get to the store to buy these items for themselves. And, in many cases, especially in nursing homes, individuals have very limited funds. Think about it:


 All of us have our preferences for items of personal care.


 There are times when pen and paper are very important.


 A lap blanket (or "lap robe") is an essential part of the wardrobe for some little ladies.


 Some memory-care residents treasure their baby doll with adoring sentiment sparked by reflections from the past.


 Oh, how important are large-print Bibles and good large-print devotional materials!


 What would you do without your wallet or pocket book?


 For people who love to do puzzles, how many pleasant hours can they pass engrossed in a jig-saw puzzle or a large-print word-find?


 Decent DVD movies are hard to find to begin with, and after buying the things really needed, there's little left to spend on them.


 Have you ever needed a soft tissue for your sore, runny nose?


It is very easy for us to ride by our local nursing home with its manicured lawn and well maintained building and presume all the residents are happy and have no lack in their personal needs and innocent desires. In this season of financial difficulties that our governments face, the managers and staff employed by the facilities are being asked to do a very difficult job with less and less resources. We have known activity directors who make special trips and spend their personal finances to buy some of these things for their residents! They need the help of the Christian community to take up some of the slack. Certainly, volunteering and giving of your talents and time are vital, but, if that is not practical for you right now, "Care Packages" can provide a meaningful link between our busy lives and the well-being of our neighbors in local care centers.


You can take your gifts to a facility yourself, or, if you are in the Hampton Roads area, you can call us and we will connect with you and deliver them for you. And, in your giving, don't forget to pray for the dear souls who will be using your gifts – you may be the only one praying for them personally!


Thank you for your consideration. And thanks for being a partner with us in our labor for the Lord through Christian Concourse.


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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