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May 2010


Dear Friends,

If you remember, in January we included a list of seven special prayer requests. These prayer concerns reflect what we feel to be the Lord's expressed will for this ministry. We have included these seven items for prayer below. Please help us in seeking the Lord's blessings and guidance in each of these areas of our labor for Him.

In this newsletter over the next several months, we intend on continuing our explanation of each of these requests. This is the third:

We cry out to our Loving Savior for a fresh endowment of His compassion for the hurting, the forgotten, the struggling in long-term care settings all over the world.

Jerry was first exposed to long-term care Christian ministry when he was eight years old. Throughout his formative years he was involved with church youth groups that included "convalescent homes" as one of their regular outreach activities. Back then, fifty years ago, facilities were more like asylums than care centers -- the screams, the smells, the conditions, in many of the places they visited were appalling.

After a miraculous intervention and deliverance by God in his life, under the influence of his parents, Jerry began conducting "church services" and doing one-on-one ministry in nursing homes in his early thirties. Nursing home ministry became a full-time endeavor for Jerry in 1991 with the formation of Christian Concourse. Dar joined him in this mission field in 1997. Together they represent over 40 years of regular long-term care work for the Lord.

With such long concentration in the same missionary field there lurks the possibility of a numbness to the pain and suffering of the people being ministered to. Though we have not experienced it, we are certainly aware of the silent dangers of mission-field fatigue.

We have no doubt that God is more aware than we are of all the mission-field hazards and He is able to protect us. But we do not want to take His Grace and His anointing for granted! That is why we ask you to help us pray for a fresh endowment of His compassion for the dear ones to whom He has sent us to bless. And we do not wish to limit God with a small-minded boundary on who He blesses through His work in Christian Concourse and where on this planet they are. There are hurting, frail, elderly, forsaken people all over His Earth. He is mindful of every one of them. If He can use us as conduits of His love and His saving power to these people throughout the world, then we say, "Have at it, Lord!" Such an impact must begin with a personal sense of His heart for the lost and the dying elderly everywhere.

Again, this is why we ask you to pray that God bless us with a fresh endowment of His compassion for the hurting, the forgotten, the struggling in the facilities where we minister personally and through our resources for long-term care settings all over the world.

God answers prayer! "Only believe," hear Jesus say! All things are possible! PLEASE, TAKE TIME TO PRAY. Thank you.

Love In Christ,

Jerry and Dar Johnson



We invite you to join with us in our appeal to the Master of the Universe to aid us this year in the following areas:

We ask God Almighty to bless this work with a mighty and effective proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost...and to confirm His Word with miracles, signs and wonders.

We humbly pray to God the Father for an anointed, solid Word of encouragement to His dear children who are struggling in their faith and their hope in the Eternal Promises of Christ.

We cry out to our Loving Savior for a fresh endowment of His compassion for the hurting, the forgotten, the struggling in long-term care settings all over the world.

We appeal to God for His empowerment and His favor in calling together His soldiers in long-term care volunteerism in our region and in our nation.

We pray that God give us a reliable means of extending a helping hand to fellow long-term care laborers throughout the Earth, and especially in third world countries.

We call on the Great Creative Writer to guide us and inspire us as we pursue production of the seventh edition of "A Handbook for Long-Term Care Ministry."

We ask the Perfect Teacher to lead us to realize our efforts to put the true-inductive, true-seminar-style Bible study, "Chapter & Verse," on the world-wide web for the edification and the unity of the Body of Christ all over this planet.

In obedience and submission to Your leading in this, Your ministry, we lay these petitions before You, Father and yield to Your wisdom, Your timing and the proportion of Your provision - for Your Eternal Glory - in the wonderful, precious Name of Your Dear Son, Jesus Christ.


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