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May 2018


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,


 Salutations, joyous greetings, warm and friendly hugs to you all! We have been busy. The first edition of the vocal accompaniment CD for the new hymn booklet, Hymns of Our Redeemer, is done, all twenty-seven hymns! As is the case with all our materials and tools for facilitating nursing home ministry, these will be available, as our resources allow, free of charge to volunteers and staff members in long-term care settings. We have said this many times, but it bears repeating, our materials are free because they are produced for feeble hands to hold and benefit from. We would never ask for a dime in payment for the great privilege of supplying them with such precious, priceless life-giving truth woven into all our products. It is our sincere prayer that each heart that sings from the booklets or listens to the musical CDs or watches the devotional DVDs or listens to one of the sermonettes or holds one of the Worship Service Programs will be encouraged in their faith in Jesus Christ. And you can imagine our rejoicing at the prospect of hurting, lost souls surrendering to the hope of the Gospel in the course of using our materials.


These resources are prayed over regularly and sent out prayerfully in the blessed prospect of our prayers being answered by God Almighty for the sake of His Kingdom in the hearts of the elderly and infirm.


We feel very, very blessed for the past twenty-one years to be able to provide these Christian ministry resources, one request at a time, be it ten or thirty or a hundred hymn booklets with the CDs and DVDs. It is a humbling thought that care facility staff and nursing home ministers all over the United States, in every English-speaking nation in the world, and Italy, Israel and Ecuador have asked for and received our materials. Thousands upon thousands of these “little” nursing home ministry tools are out there being used every day. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!


As a function of our many efforts to share these implements of Christian outreach in long-term care settings, we are trusting God to enable us to take advantage of an invitation to the “Faithful Aging Conference” facilitated by the Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College, being held at Williamsburg United Methodist Church on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018. We will be manning a display table that the conference leaders have offered to us, waiving the usual fees. This is a wonderful opportunity and we would appreciate your prayers for strength and stamina for Dar and me since we will be putting in a long, vigorous day to see this through. We are trusting God to give us wisdom in sharing our vision with enquirers, each of whom are a vital link in the process of placing our materials in the hands of nursing home residents.


And speaking of vital links: each of you who support us with your prayers or your finances, by your unselfish sacrifice, represent a gift from God to enable this Christian missionary outreach. We especially want to gratefully acknowledge a generous one-time donation from one of our regular supporters providing us the ability to make some important upgrades to our computing equipment.


Thank you for reading this letter. Thank you for caring about this ministry. Thank you for your support.


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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