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April 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters, We trust this letter finds each of you doing well and basking in the marvelous love of Jesus Christ, especially in the light of this Easter season.


The Lord has certainly had us busy, busy, busy this past month! Last Wednesday we were graciously given a table with the vendors at the Virginia Association of Activity Professionals annual convention. It was hosted this year by our local Hampton Roads Activity Professionals Association. Over 115 activity directors from all over the state and beyond were gathered for training and encouragement. We were honored to give out hundreds of our "Favorite Hymns of Grace" along with our instrumental accompaniment CD AND our new vocal accompaniment CD. What a blessing for us to witness the smiles and excitement when they found out that all our materials are distributed at no cost to them!


Even more exciting is the knowledge that MANY THOUSANDS of long-term care residents are holding our little hymn book in their hands, all over America and beyond. And in its pages is the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ! Our Master has certainly been kind to us to allow us to share in His work this way. And these tools for ministry are so popular. Hallelujah!!! That's why we have been so busy – keeping up with requests.


We are grateful also for the exposure our website affords us to care center ministers who are looking for cost effective ways to improve their service. We often receive phone calls and emails from missionaries who have found us while searching the internet for resources. Their surprise and joy is so very gratifying to us. Some have trouble at first getting their head around the fact that we will send them as many of our materials as they need for free as often as they need them. We tell them to let residents keep their copy if they like and we'll send them more as they run out.


We hope everyone gets the picture that we make these tools for nursing home ministry FOR THE RESIDENTS. We are just asking the Christian minister or staff member to help us distribute them to their folks. That is why we do not sell them. That is why we are so liberal in sending them out at no cost.


We would never ask that ailing little lady holding our hymn book in hands gnarled by arthritis, who strains to read it with eyes weakened by time to pay us. It is a great privilege to put it in her hands! That she would hold it dear among her few possessions and sing from it with tears on her cheek is a priceless reward to us – who can place a monetary value on that?!


Those of you who pray for us and those of you who help us with regular contributions share with us in this blessing! It is God's calling on our lives but we could not be as effective if you did not participate with your kindness. We do not take your faithfulness lightly. We thank you for your generosity and we pray God's richest blessings on you all.


Sincerely - With Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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