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April 2012


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


God Almighty, El Shaddai, somewhere beyond time and matter and space, in a realm that defies infinite dimension, a realm of habitation for Elohim, The God, a realm of immeasurable, brilliant, all-encompassing beauty and glory....THERE, in the boundless wisdom of the counsels of His Triune Being, He conceived a plan...a plan of utopian goals for His Bride. She is the perfect match for His love and His affection and His tenderness and His giving, nurturing, unselfish nature.


His plan began with the complex simplicity of space and matter. He instituted the mark of time with the meter of orbits. He instituted the measure of space and distance with the motion of magnificent beaming masses of gas, element and matter.


And over this crescendo of seemingly chaotic creativity He hovered like a nurturing Nana – calling all into being and dividing and orchestrating and guiding...and lovingly caressing with His Spirit.


On a tiny wet orb in the immeasurable immensity of His masterpiece He planted a seed. A seed in a garden: a breath of divine life, the life of Yahweh breathed into nostrils of clay...a man and his helper comparable to him. They were little babes in a massive mechanism of complexity and diversity...immersed in an ocean of space and matter and time.


That precious, tiny seed He nursed and protected in the hearts of men and women like Noah, and Abraham, and David and Tamar and Rahab and Ruth. And on and on He tended His garden, fighting off from around His seed the rot of rebellion, the disease of disobedience, the weeds of idolatry, the howling winter of captivity, never taking His loving eyes off the goal. At just the right time, when all was ready, when the season of nations was ripe and the soil of humanity warm, Yahweh bent over the life of a little peasant girl, the daughter of David, named Mary. He caressed the living faith of her heart with the glowing hands of His Holy Spirit and ignited the seed of His Son in her womb.


In the Temple precincts, Simeon and Anna are enthralled at the sight of this tiny ball of Divine Life in human flesh. Years later, little children sing in the Temple as The Majestic Son heals the sick and the lame, "Hosanna! Glory be to the Son of David!"


Into the womb of The Tomb, the Son of the Seed was planted. And up from the grave there arose Victory and Redemption and Regeneration and the Fountain of Life! Behold, the Bridegroom comes!


Just seven short weeks later, a garden was planted in the compost of the upper room. 120 souls, all imbued with Divine Power and Holy Presence from the very Throne On High: the Spirit of the Risen Son is planted in the hearts of believing men and women. And the Bride is conceived in His Love! --- Just like "the little lily, pushing through the stubborn sod!" My, how we "marvel at the wisdom of our God!"


And today, 2000 years passing, His Bride continues to grow and refine. Believers today are a part of His Bride, the Body of Christ. As each one lays the robe of clay down to awaken in His warm, glorious, loving arms, He is gathering Her around His Throne.


Those who have the vision and the honor to minister in America's long-term care institutions are privileged to be witnesses to His loving, hovering care for His saints as they near their graduation day. What an awesome job, to be a voice of encouragement to the heart of the members of His Bride as they struggle in their last days of suffering and pain. No wonder The Father said that "pure religion" is to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction and to walk in virtue as we go. When we understand who we are ministering to, and why, then nursing home ministry becomes very serious business, indeed!


How can we adequately show you our gratitude for your help? Through your prayers and your financial support you play a vital part in our efforts, humble as they may be, to be that voice of encouragement to the dear little children of God that we minister to in care facilities. And to those all over the country who share with us in the labor of this mission field, we remind you, "in as much as you do it to one of the least of these His little ones, you do it unto HIM!" Blessings from the throne of Heaven to you! the Name of Jesus, the Groom.



Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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