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April 2011


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Glory be to the most high God and a great big, "Hello there!" to you. We trust this note finds you joyful in your soul as you walk with Jesus, and healthy in your frame as you journey toward that day He gives you a glorified body. What a day that will be! How privileged Dar and I feel to be called to a ministry devoted to sharing the Good News of Christ's gift to us and encouraging His little ones in their faith in Him as they face the struggles of their later years. How we revel in the memories of the multitudes of elderly saints whom we have been honored to witness blossoming in their last days in their love and their trust in Jesus Christ. For those who think nursing home ministry is a waste of time (we've met many), we say, "We understand why they feel that way. But we do grieve for them." The problem probably is that the Lord Jesus didn't call them to this great mission field and they forget that He can and does call and empower others to minister there. And we must also testify: "We marvel at how the Lord pours Himself out to these who are often marginalized and forsaken by the world outside their facility."

If you are one of those that God has touched to be sensitive to His love and compassion to the widows and orphans of nursing homes, we pray He bless you with a renewed zeal and vision for your ministry. The ministry of Christian Concourse is here to help you in any way we can.

There are several free tools we offer you that may be of assistance in the discharge of your work. Let us list a few here:


A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry - NO CHARGE

One-hundred and sixty pages of information, scriptures, ideas, background, guidelines, how-to's, programs, games, tools and resources for Christian long-term care ministry. For your convenience, and to help us with the cost of distribution, you can access the complete handbook on our website. You have our permission to download the whole book or any portions that are of particular interest to you. Most experienced nursing home ministers could teach a seminar using this comprehensive resource which all their students can have access to.


Our Hymn Book and accompaniment CDs - NO CHARGE

This is a large-print collection of old-time favorites in a compact, light-weight format. With the help of nursing home ministers and facility staff in every state in the Union and every English-speaking nation in the world, we have placed these nifty little songbooks in the hands of tens of thousands of nursing home residents. Every song has a relevant Scripture at the bottom of the page. A summary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in the front of the booklet. In addition, there are two pages of Bible passages quoted in the back. The CDs are world-class music in a slower tempo and a lower key especially for elderly voices. Available only through the mail.


Christian Christmas Carols and accompaniment CD - NO CHARGE

In the same format as Our Hymn Book, this is a collection of Christ-centered Christmas carols that includes Christmas According to John in the front and The Christmas Account from Luke and Matthew in the back. We try to have these available for distribution in the Fall. Available only through the mail.


"Worship Service Programs" - NO CHARGE

A growing number of selections that include a Church-style bulletin with a poem, a responsive reading, an order of service (with hymns from Our Hymn Book) and a sermonette. The sermonette is taken from those we have used many times over the years. You would need to tailor your use of this resource to the specific spiritual needs of the residents to whom you minister. Available on our website.


"Memorial Service Programs" - NO CHARGE

These are in the same format as the "Worship Service Programs" minus the sermonette. Instead, there is a box provided in the Order of Service for the names of those who have passed on. Available on our website.

Call, email or write us for any of our free materials and let each person you cross paths with who does nursing home ministry know about us. Please continue to consider this mission work with your financial support and your prayers. Thank you!

Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson.


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