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March 2018



Dear Brothers and Sisters,


What a privilege to share this little letter with you! We thank you for your sacrifice in time and finances in support of this ministry in prayers and financial donations. One of our former board members, Bob Walker, would remind us often before the Lord took him home to heaven a few years ago, "Prayer is the work; ministry is the reward!" We value preeminently your intercession for our humble efforts on behalf of the Kingdom of God in the hearts of His dear little ones who live in long-term care settings. And we do not take for granted your generosity in the practical assistance you afford us in your monetary contributions. Again, we thank you!


We are delighted to announce the addition of "Hymns of Our Redeemer" to the resources we offer free of charge for distribution to nursing home residents. By God’s grace, we are able to include both the "large-print" and the "giant-print" version of this handy tool for nursing home ministry. We have already produced the instrumental accompaniment CD and are well on our way to completion of the vocals CD for this new booklet. For more information, see our website at: .


One of the hymns in "Hymns of Our Redeemer" is "Where He Leads Me." The message of the chorus reads: "Where He leads me I will follow. I’ll go with Him all the way." In Matthew 16:24 Jesus said to His disciples, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me." What an honor that the God of the Universe would invite us to follow Him! But what an awful image of our Savior nailed to that cruel Cross! Oh, here is the ultimate challenge of the faith of all who know our Lord as Redeemer AND Master. When we call Jesus our "Lord" are we taking into account this simple exhortation to His followers?


But most of us will not go to the dark corners of the world and win unreached tribes to the Gospel. Most of us will not be called upon to preach to thousands this Sunday morning. Most of us struggle to witness effectively to our closest relatives. Most of us spend unremarkable days doing normal tasks of life. Most of us find living a Christ-like example before our friends and neighbors a challenging full-time job often requiring times of repentance on our knees before the Father just as we nod off to sleep at night. Where is the "cross" in all of this? Are we really disciples of Jesus?


The February 13th entry in a small devotional entitled "Springs In the Valley," first published in 1939 by Mrs. Lettie Burd Cowman has somewhat to say on this subject. It is about the milk cows that pulled the cart carrying the Ark of the Covenant from captivity in Philistine country back to Israelite territory. Guided by God’s direction these poor beasts pulled their burden ONLY where He led them. Against natural instincts, the cows left their calves in the stall. They traveled a strange road to a place they did not know, lowing, crying, as they went. And when they had faithfully performed their task and gotten to their appointed destination, they were not fed and rewarded; they were sacrificed on an altar to God!


These two cows have a message to all of God’s people. Like them, we have been called and be the children of God! carry His presence in our hearts to the world around us the souls and the circumstances He has brought into our lives. However theologians pontificate about our "cross," all of us have trials, difficulties and demands pressed upon us daily. Many of these struggles drag on for years. Maybe, the most important cross all of us must bear is the one of being faithful in these daily burdens, in the hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year grind of life. Each of us know this cross. Certainly, our friends in nursing homes know this cross. And, for sure, the Savior would not tell us to carry our cross if we did not have one! Yes, we know His joy in our hearts and we walk in His peace in our lives and we are honored to bear witness to His grace to anyone who will listen. But what a cross: to be faithful to our Master’s leading, deep within our heart, day in and day out!


And the greatest honor, the most wonderful privilege is to carry our cross to the end! To have laid our lives at His feet, letting Him lead. Where He leads us, we will follow...all the way! May we be encouraged to face each day faithfully, no matter the circumstances, measuring our task and our journey not by how big our cross is but by the immensity of the Love of the Father poured upon us through the sacrifice of Jesus on His Cross!

With Grateful Hearts,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson








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