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Blue Heron in the botanical gardens of Norfolk, VA

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March 2013


Dear Brothers and Sisters:


Greetings in the precious name of Jesus! We trust this note finds you in good health and strong in your faith in Christ. We're sure you'll agree, there's certainly plenty in this world to challenge both our health and our faith. Age and tribulations constantly buffet both of them.


Watching current events can be awfully disconcerting, can it not? Higher taxes are looming. Budget cuts on the city, state and national levels are encroaching into our household finances, which for many are shrinking. Healthcare costs are soaring. Gas prices are confounding. If you've had any work done on your car lately, you're probably still shaking your head in shock at the labor charge.


In our backyard is a huge willow oak tree. There's a twig of a limb about 20 feet high which in the mornings is on the sunny side. This morning, perched there on the base of that small limb rests one of our "pet" squirrels. We think it's a male. He has pulled his little legs in tight to his body, kind of curled up, and it looks like his eyes are half closed in sweet slumber as he lays there soaking up the warmth of the sun on this chilly March morning.


In the face of all the gloom and despair swirling around him, it doesn't look like sequestration has impacted his peace at all. What a picture of child-like trust in our Creator! I pray God give us all a booster shot to our faith in the eternal truth that He cares for us!


We are building a sound-proof/echo-proof recording booth for the nursing home ministry. Many have requested vocals on our accompaniment CD for the new hymnbook, "Favorite Hymns of Grace." Producing the instrumental version was a six month journey. Putting vocals on 27 hymns will be a real challenge - albums of hit music producing millions of dollars for the record companies typically have ten to twelve cuts. To produce quality voice recording is a technical maze and exorbitantly expensive unless we do it ourselves. Certainly, we sense the Lord's unction as we embark on this journey. And we need His blessing and His enablement in this project. He said we do not have because we do not ask, so we are asking. We would definitely appreciate your prayers with us for this, too.


Thanks to all of you who support us. We pray God's blessings flood your heart today.


By the way,

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Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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