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March 2011


Dear Friends,
The purpose for this ministry is to minister the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in the inspired Word of God, and to facilitate the unity of His Church. The means we use to pursue our purpose are:


1)  Long-term care (or nursing home ) ministry.


2)  We publish Christian poetry on our website.


3)  We promote our small-group, inductive, seminar-style Bible study which we call, Chapter & Verse.


It is our conviction that the Lord Jesus gave us these three tools. Each one promotes His Good News and the harmony of His Body in their very nature. Every nursing home audience is inter-denominational. We don't stress the denominational orientation of the authors of the poetry we publish - and we make their poetry available to anyone who wants to read it. Our "Bible Study" doesn't tell you what we think you should believe. Rather, we help you make your own observations responsibly, and then provide a safe place for you to share your lessons with your peers - regardless of their denominational appetites. The only prerequisite to participate in any area of our ministry is that you have a personal relationship with Father-Son-Holy Ghost and hold His Written Word in the highest regard.


We are often asked about how many churches we have in our group, or how many volunteers we have. Well, the simple answer to this question is that there are no churches or other organizations that are under our umbrella, and we have a very small number of volunteers who help us with our computer lending program, our printing activities, our care package program, and who serve on our board of directors. The reason we have not built a complex organizational structure is because the Lord has not led us in that direction. He may guide and empower someone to build a big organization - we know in our own heart that we are just called to serve. The Lord Jesus is the head of His Body, and labor in His vineyard is a calling, and our commitment is to Him and His will, not to a human institution. So we have kept ourselves small. It is our goal to help nursing home ministers, to aid Christian poets, to facilitate honest inquiry into God's Word by His children - not control them.


Now, there's another question we were asked recently by another LTC ministry: If someone at a restaurant asked us what they needed to know to do nursing home ministry, and all we had was a minute and a paper napkin to write on, what would we tell them? Well, here is what we think:


Seven things to consider if you want to do LTC ministry:


1)  Pray (settle in your mind that this is something God is prompting you to do).


2)  Touch bases with your pastor (ask for his blessing and prayer support).


3)  Contact activity directors of local facilities. (There are two options here: One is that you are looking for a facility that needs the ministry you feel led to offer. The second option is that you ask the activity director what type of volunteering she needs and help her with that. In either case, remember you are going to serve.)




5)  If you will be "preaching" or "teaching" on spiritual things, give the residents things that strengthen and edify you (and always give the Scriptural basis for your talk).


6)  Don't forget "Communion" (or "The Lord's Supper," periodically for your protestant residents).


7)  Remember, the facility you will be ministering in is probably a secular institution. You are there by their invitation only. (Jesus Christ is the Savior, you are His hands, His feet, His mouth - not His head! Sincerely pray and trust Him to lead you in being wise as a serpent, and harmless as a dove. If you show His love, His kindness, His patience to the residents and the staff, you will have plenty of opportunities to fruitfully share His Good News.)


There is another aspect of our ministry we want to mention - the most important! We depend on God's attentive response to the prayers of His people. Some of you help us financially, and we are sincerely grateful for that. And some of you lift up this ministry in prayer - we are completely dependent on that! Please know that we consider every prayer on our behalf as indispensable. Thank you for your sacrifice. We pray the Lord's blessing on you and yours.


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar
Jerry and Dar Johnson



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