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February  2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! We are so blessed to be in this wonderful, vast Christian family with so many sweet folks who love us. And just think of all the saints who have gone on before us! Who knows how big the Body of Christ is as it gathers around His throne with adoration and praise?! Can you imagine how beaming the Father is over His victorious Son who sits at His right hand waiting for the day when the wedding trumpets will sound and the day of ultimate salvation dawns for all who have put their faith in the Anointed Son of God?! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Our true King is coming – have no doubt.

It is not unusual for us to encounter a dear sweet, elderly child of God who is tearfully longing to go home to be with the Lord Jesus. We have prayed with such precious Christians more than once who weep with a deep, deep sense of expectation on the one hand and with the weariness of suffering in this world on the other. I am struck with profound awe at the genuine, rock-solid faith that lies in the wet streams on their wrinkled cheeks, faith that they have a home awaiting them in Glory despite their shortcomings and their failures in the past. Such a faith in the promise of the gospel of Jesus Christ that death can hold no power of fear over them. Faith that defies the dark shadows of the cemetery, that there is no dread of loneliness or corruption in the grave.

Oh, what a privilege to be a part of the small band standing on the pier, cheering them on as they take each step up the gangway of that mighty Ship of Zion, fully fueled and charged to take them home. Though they may stumble, no power on earth, no demon in hell can shake them loose from the moorings of God's loving hand in their life.

These dear seasoned Christians know what they deserve. They know they are not standing on the ground of their own good works. The ticket they grip firmly in their little fist was not bought with money that man has made. God paid for their home in heaven with the very life blood of His own dear Son and they have come to understand that they have no ground for their confident claim on His mercy except for His unfailing love and the faith that His love has blossomed in their hearts.

The world will often overlook them – they are weak and poor and speak with a halting voice. They have no money for the collection. They cannot sing in the choir. Many see them as no longer productive citizens. Well, you could say all that is true. But in the Father's eyes they are gleaming nuggets of gold and shimmering, polished silver. God's gems have little value on Wall Street but these rare jewels glimmer with brilliant rays of love, meekness, gentleness, patience and faith that the Father has been working into their lives for years!

But, truly, not all of God's elderly children have a strong testimony of victory and assurance. In any case, let us be an encouragement to them; hug them when they cry; hold their hand when they hurt; repeat for them the old, old story of Christ's love and His grace. Some may falter on their journey as they near the focus of their hope. Some may struggle in their faith as pain and sorrow tear at their bodies and their minds. Whether strong or weak. Whether full of trust in God or cast about by clouds of doubt they are called by their Sovereign Savior and sealed with His Spirit in their hearts. He asks us to love them with His love, and give them our hand when they fall. May God give those of us who share this labor of love a fresh vision for His work in this field.

We are keenly aware of the aid you are to us as we seek to be a blessing to care facility residents and to those who minister to them. Nursing home ministry is a great privilege and we thank each of you for your encouragement and your assistance and your partnership as we carry on.

We want to remind you that the first DVD, "Comforting Words of Grace," is now available. Specially prepared for the elderly Christian who is shut-in and could use the balm of God's natural beauty and the comfort of His Word. Also, we would expect this video to be a blessing of peace for those suffering from dementia.

Love, Sincerely,


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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