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February 2011


Dear Christians,

We thank each of you who have chosen to support us. We want to exalt with you in what the Lord has accomplished in the ministry of Christian Concourse through your care, your prayer and your sacrificial giving. Here are excerpts from a few of the letters we have received thanking us for some of the things we do for Jesus:

"We received your wonderful large-print hymnbooks & CDs when I found you on the web. Thank you for your ministry. I will keep you in my prayers" Westview Health Care – Sheridan, Wyoming.

"Hello! I received the 30 hymn books that you sent. Thank you so much! First of all - I appreciate the promptness of your reply to our need. We minister to 2 nursing homes each month. (We are a very small church family.) Your [large-print] books are a great help to us, since we had been carrying our hymnbooks from church for each nursing home visit. They are not only heavy, but the wear and tear is beginning to show. Also, the print is too small in regular hymnbooks for the nursing home residents. We are so grateful. Thank you again!" – New Hampshire

"Thanks for the supplies. They were great. We could, however, use about 20 more books and another CD. We also appreciate the wonderful letter. You touched on many important issues. I intend to read it to our congregation. I cannot express how helpful you are to our ministry. We have expanded our nursing home ministry this year; and with a dozen or so facilities in this small town, it's a field ripe unto harvest." – Canon City, Colorado.

"How very kind and considerate of you to send us the supply of Christmas Carol large print hymnals and CDs On behalf of the precious elders we serve, 'Thank You.' You should have seen the bright smiling faces of our Bible study group leaders when I told them of your gift last Monday night. No more trying to find musical accompaniment with matching words for their Christmas study. Blessings." Love Thy Neighbor Ministries – Tucson, Arizona.

Thank you for "A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry." It is a great resource. God bless you and your ministry. – Hesperus, Colorado.

What a wonderful blessing it was today to hear eleven of my residents singing the songs from your hymn book. When I explained that the books and accompanying CDs were free to all in your class at the VA Assoc. of Activity Professionals State conference, they were amazed. I was pleased when one of them was so perceptive and said, 'Someone had to give money for these books to be made for your teacher to give them to us FREE.' Most of my residents have some degree of Alzheimer’s Disease, so anytime they are capable to this level of reasoning, I am very pleased. Thank you and everyone who makes this ministry available to nursing homes. The most special songs are the hymns that they learned back when they were important leaders in their churches, singing in their choirs. I praise God that these memories have not been stolen away because of Alzheimer's. All that my residents needed was your songbook in their hands in that much needed large print and the beautiful CD music and away we went! May the Lord continue to bless you and everyone who contributes to this meaningful ministry. When we all get to Heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be!" Pulaski Health and Rehab – Pulaski, Virginia.

"I will definitely look through your website for more ideas and resources to share at our Home. Thank you!! Looking forward to receiving the Hymn books & CD. Thank you again for offering this wonderful resource! You are a blessing to many residents in Long Term Care & their families, we thank you!!!!" – North Bay, ON Canada


O, friends, there are thousands upon thousands of elderly Christians in care centers all over this country - and beyond - who are encouraged in their faith by this humble work! Please note that they cannot support us. We really do thank God for those of you who pray for us and help us financially. If you do not support us regularly, we emplore you to prayerfully consider doing so. We need your help!


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar
Jerry and Dar Johnson



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