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January 2019


Dear Brothers and Sisters:


Greetings and Happy New Year! We want to review for our friends the free resources we make available for ministry to the elderly and infirm, especially those who live in long-term care settings. The following is a partial list of these materials ( see our website for more info and a complete list):


Available for free on our website:


A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry 150+ pages of guidelines, information, resources, ideas, tools and program descriptions for ministry in care centers.


A Short Primer for Nursing Home Ministry Eight pages of overview for a quick read, hitting the high spots of information and guidelines for care center ministry.


Worship Service Programs Each one comprised of a handout set up like a "church bulletin" with a poem, responsive reading, and "order of service" including songs taken from our hymn booklet, Favorite Hymns of Grace. These are selected to compliment the theme of a short sermonette provided with the handout.


Training Videos for Nursing Home Ministry These include 1) "Sharing the Gospel in a Secular Setting” with Pastor Mike Smith. 2) "New Perspectives in Long-term Care Ministry" with Elder James Jordan. 3) "Focus on the Field" with Karen Land, facility administrator.


Available at no cost via the United States Postal Service:


Favorite Hymns of Grace Booklet of 27 favorite old hymns in large-print and giant-print editions. Instrumental and vocal accompaniment CDs included.


Hymns of Our Redeemer Booklet of 27 more favorite old hymns in large-print and giant-print editions. Instrumental and vocal accompaniment CDs included.


Comforting Words of Grace Three DVDs using flower blossoms, butterflies and water fountains as the visuals and the vocal and instrumental hymns from Favorite Hymns of Grace enhanced with scripture readings related to each song.


Christian Christmas Carols Booklet of 12 favorite Christian carols and the scriptures of the Christmas story in large-print. Instrumental and vocal accompaniment CDs included. Available in the Fall of the year.


The Birth of Christ DVD using the vocal and instrumental carols from Christian Christmas Carols, readings of the scripture of the Christmas story, and photos of Christmas yard decorations and miniature manger scenes.


Psalms of Comfort Booklet of selections from 29 chapters in Psalms in large-print and giant-print editions.


The Love of God Booklet of Scripture passages taken from the New Testament that illuminate some aspect of God's love for us and our response to His love.


Thank you for helping us with you financial assistance to place these tools at the Lord’s disposal for Him to strengthen the faith of His children among the elderly and infirm. We invite you to join with us in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s anointing to be on these materials and for His strength and leading as we consider additions to these resources. We also ask you to pray with us as we seek God's leading in ministry in the coming year.


Love in Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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