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January 2017


To Our Supporters:

Dear friends, please know that we are very thankful to each of you for your kindness to this mission work. Knowing that many of you share with your own labors in this wonderful, precious field of ministry for our Lord, we are mindful of the privilege that you would help us too! We thank you and we ask the Lord Jesus to bless you with renewed vision and revived strength as you go to share His love and His message with the residents of nursing homes all over our great nation. We are honored to be a small part of the "church services" that scores of you conduct in care facilities.

To many in the Christian community, nursing home ministry is an "Oh, by the way..." proposition. It is true that there are many legitimate mission fields in the world: the homeless, unwed mothers, jail ministry, unreached people groups, latch-key children, abused spouses, suicide intervention, casualties to post-traumatic stress disorder, single parent homes, and on and on. We know that caring for the elderly and the infirm in long-term care settings is one of the areas of endeavor that God Almighty carries on His heart. "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction." (ESV)

It is so easy for society to throw some money at this population and assume it is taken care of. Oh, they write laws and publish regulations and send inspectors to facilities to make sure the rules are not broken. This is all fine and good, but nothing in the world will satisfy the longing in one of God’s precious children for Christian fellowship but for another sincere Christian going and pouring out God’s love to them from their heart! Nothing! Politicians cannot legislate this. Guilt-trips from editorials in the newspaper cannot inspire this. A well-meaning world cannot meet this need. The only source for this crucial component for "caring for the elderly" is the Holy Spirit ministering from one believer’s heart to another. Whether it be "church services" or one-on-ones, or sing-alongs, or some other meaningful activity, THIS SHARING OF DIVINE LOVE is nursing home ministry, in all of its expressions, and we believe it is best effected by those whom God has called to do it!

Someone may say that they go to nursing homes to work or volunteer but they are not sure that God has called them. Well, if you have this burden in your heart to love them, and if you understand in your mind how important this is, and if you have the strength to do something about it, it is apparent that God has done a miracle in your soul on their behalf. Praise God! Go with His blessings and pour out His love on the hurting, the lonely, the struggling care center residents when you can.

We sincerely believe that the Lord has guided and gifted us to prepare simple, free tools for those who go as His hands and feet to minister in nursing homes. These materials are produced specifically for residents of care facilities to encourage their faith in Jesus Christ and to aid ministers in sharing with them the Gospel. We consider your support for us in prayer and finances to be a part of His gifting for this work. It is amazing how much the Master can do with such a humble operation. We marvel at the solemn privilege and the sovereign provision as we send out packages of hymn booklets and CDs and DVDs all over the USA and to other countries of the world! Thank you again, from the depths of our hearts, for your help!

Love in Christ,



We love you,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


"Comforting Words of Grace, Number Two" is ready!!! We are honored and blessed to be able to announce that the second DVD in the series, "Comforting Words of Grace" is now complete and ready for distribution. (View the segments of these DVDs here.)  Using the same format as the first in the series, this hour-long video plays the instrumental and vocal renditions of nine hymns from the middle of our hymn booklet, "Favorite Hymns of Grace" while showcasing many short clips of God’s wonderful, beautiful creation. During the instrumentals, scriptures are displayed on the screen and read out loud that relate to the message in each song. We have prepared and produced this resource and make it available upon request, at no charge (as resources allow), as a tool for ministry especially geared for the elderly, the infirm and those suffering from dementia.

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