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January  2016


Dear Friends of Christian Concourse,

As we begin our exciting embarkation into the adventure of the coming year we want to thank each and every one of you who pray for us and who help with our support. Our hearts are encouraged by your sacrificial kindness and your faithfulness. Financial donations for the past year were the highest since 2003. This increase came as a special blessing since our new DVD project required a substantial (for us) start-up investment in 2015. Camera equipment is costly and the increase in receipts over our average for the past few years was used in large part to cover these new expenses! We praise the Lord and give Him all the glory! His timing is always a marvel to us.

You may have noticed that we are not very aggressive in our fund-raising programs. In fact, we really do not have a fund-raising program. You could say that this monthly letter to our friends and supporters is about all we do in actively seeking support. Of course, we feel compelled to keep you informed and thank you regularly for your participation in our mission work. Finances are a very important tool in our tool-chest as we pursue the tasks that we feel the Lord directing us to do. In practical terms it would be very hard for us to do what we do in Christian Concourse if you did not help us with your donations. So, again, thank you.

Years ago, when just starting out in this ministry, Jerry set aside a few days to pray about finances. During that time the Lord told Jerry, "If you do what I've told you to do, I'll meet your needs." WOW! Has He ever kept His word! Oh, we get anxious sometimes and have to repent, but over the years it has been a joy to watch God provide according to His word.

Looking back, it is a marvel to us as we take an inventory of all the blessings of accomplishment God has granted us. Here's a short list:

Creation of the website of Christian Concourse
The publication of "A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry" on our website
"Chapter & Verse - The Applied Bible Study System" on our website.
The publication of "Our Hymn Book"
The instrumental CD for "Our Hymn Book"
The publication of "Favorite Hymns of Grace" (supersedes "Our Hymn Book")
The instrumental CD for "Favorite Hymns of Grace"
The vocal CD for "Favorite Hymns of Grace"
The publication of "Christian Christmas Carols"
The instrumental CD for "Christian Christmas Carols"
The vocal CD for "Christian Christmas Carols"
The publication of "A Short Primer for Nursing Home Ministry"
Production of our series, "Worship Service Programs" for nursing home ministry on our website
Production of our series, "Nursing Home Ministry Devotionals" on our website
Facilitation of the 2009 Southeastern Virginia LTC Christian Volunteer Convention
Production of the DVD, "Comforting Words of Grace - Number 1" (more to follow, Lord willing)

These special projects took years of focused time and labor while we maintained our regular ministry duties and activities as well. We have made an effort to do what the Lord has laid on our hearts and He has abundantly met our needs all through the process. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Incidentally, contact us if you would like a DVD or any of our other free materials for long-term care ministry. And thank you again for holding us up in your prayers and supporting us in your giving. May God richly bless you!

Love, In Christ,

Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson

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