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January 2015


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Anybody have any struggles in 2014? Anybody have any victories in 2014? What's a victory without a struggle? Right?

So, here we go again! I pray Father God fill all of us, each of you and Dar and I and our board members, Larry McAdoo and David Ensley, with an exuberant, bustling, bubbling over big bundle of joy as we embark on the exciting journey of 2015! Who knows what wonders the Lord has in store for us this coming year?! Who knows what difficulties we will face in which Christ will graphically demonstrate His wisdom and His love and His power to us and through us?! May God give each of us the strength, the courage, and the deep, deep desire to walk each step of the way in the new year with our hand tightly gripping His. He knows the way through the wilderness and He knows all the scenic overlooks, and all the wonderful rest stops, and the most fruitful paths to take in our Christian journey with Him. Let us go. Let us eagerly embrace the challenge and the opportunities of this coming year with sincere enthusiasm. Let us bravely grasp our Christian destiny as the Master orchestrates and guides in 2015. And let us do so with great faith in the eternal grace of our Father God; and great hope in Holy Spirit's ability to see us safely to our home in heaven; and great love for our merciful, caring, wise Savior, Jesus Christ!

Dar and I (Jerry) and Larry and David want to thank each and every one of you who have sacrificed your time and energy in praying for this mission work, How important is prayer? And, we want to thank each of you who have given sacrificially in helping us with the financial requirements of the ministry. Your faithfulness has been a source of great encouragement to us and we do not take it lightly. We also take seriously our responsibility to get the most out of every dollar donated and we work at this very hard.

We have invested much time and energy in providing various resources for others to use in their ministry in care facilities. Here is a list of some of these tools. Many are available to download from our website. All of our materials are provided free of charge.

With Christ in the School of Prayer - by Andrew Murray. 36 video-chapters of Jerry reading the whole book available for viewing on our website under the menu item, "Prayer." There is also a .pdf file download of the text of the book which was edited by Jerry to modernize the vocabulary and writing style.

A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry - 160 pages of ideas, guidelines, information, resources and tools for long-term care ministry. This handbook is included on our website as a .pdf file download or you can browse it entirely online.

Worship Service Programs - .pdf downloads of giant print "church bulletins" and sermonettes for use in "church services" held in care facilities. Each program has a Christian theme, uses "Favorite Hymns of Grace" for the song service, includes a poem and has a responsive reading. Themes include "Communion" - "Endurance" - "Who Wants a Million Dollars?" - "The King and the Pauper Lady" - "The Power of Love" - "Baptism" - "Help the Weak" - "God Strengthens" - "Jesus Never Fails" - "Pull the Cork" and more.

Favorite Hymns of Grace - a large-print "hymnal" prepared specially for use by residents of long-term care. Measuring 5 1/2" by 8 1/2", it is a lightweight paperback that includes the words to 27 old-time favorite hymns. There is a page with a brief description of the Gospel and three pages of favorite, large-print scriptures.  Every song has a relevant passage of scripture included at the bottom of the page. Available upon request by snail-mail, email or phone – as many as a volunteer or staff member needs. They also come with an instrumental CD and a vocal CD for accompaniment.

Please let others know who may be interested in our free nursing home ministry resources. Thanks again for your friendship and your faithful consideration in support of this Christ-centered ministry.


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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