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January 2014


Dear Friends of Christian Concourse,


Greetings in the Name above all names, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ! As we begin a new year we would like to share with our supporters and friends the activities of this ministry. We want each of you to know what ministry tools and edifying assets we offer the Christian community and we want you to know how to pray for us as the year progresses. The following list outlines these activities and resources:


Favorite Hymns of Grace - a large-print booklet of 27 "old faithfuls" with a summary of the Gospel and three pages of Scripture. These come with an instrumental accompaniment CD. A vocal accompaniment CD is nearing completion. Developed and distributed specifically for long-term care residents.


Christian Christmas Carols - large-print booklet of 12 carols with four pages of the Biblical record of the virgin birth of Emmanuel. These come with an instrumental accompaniment CD. A vocal accompaniment CD is planned. Developed and distributed specifically for long-term care residents.


Worship Service Programs - giant print "bulletins" prepared for "church services" in a care facility including an order of worship, a poem, a responsive reading of Scripture, and hymns using Favorite Hymns of Grace. Ten are currently available in .pdf format for download from our website, more are in the works.


Care Package Program - collection and distribution of gifts chosen specifically for the unique needs of long-term care residents. A list of items approved by activity directors is available on our website.


A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry - Guidelines, information, program descriptions, activity ideas, poetry, resources, bibliography, and instructions covering a wide spectrum of topics and concerns for Christian ministry in nursing homes. Provided for use (or download in .pdf format) on our website.


Christ-centered Poetry - available on our website. Scores of authors represented. Ongoing project.


Bible Reading Calendar - Daily schedule for reading the New Testament through in one year. Available for download in .pdf format on our website.


Chapter & Verse - printed tools and guidelines for true-inductive Bible study, designed for use by individuals or in small-groups.


Promotional Presentations for Long-term Care Ministry - we're available for churches and Christian groups.


Long-term Care Ministry Training - again, we are available for Christian groups who would like instruction in working in the mission field of nursing home ministry.


With Christ in the School of Prayer - video of a reading by Jerry Johnson of an updated version of Andrew Murray's classic book on prayer. 35 segments, available for viewing on our website. The full text exactly as read in the video is also downloadable in .pdf format on our website.


In addition to these programs and resources, we lead five "church services" a month in local nursing homes, maintain an on-going one-on-one relationship with a local LTC resident, and actively participate (with life-time membership) with Hampton Roads Activity Professionals Association, attending their monthly meetings.


All of these resources and activities are provided and distributed without charge.


We take very seriously your support for this work in your prayers and in your donations. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude in this humble expression: "Thank you!" May God Almighty richly reward you for your sacrifice and your love. 


Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson


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