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January 2012


Dear Friends,


A happy, joyous, victorious, productive, constructive year to you! No matter that we all had struggles in the year just past. No matter that we all are braced against some painful memories of yesteryear. No matter all the joy and happiness of days gone by are now fading in the shadows of time. No matter that the prospects of tomorrow may be heaving waves of difficulty or fleeting ripples of matter all. For we stand on the firm ground of God's eternal Word: "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord!"


Indeed, "LOVE" is our banner. "ALL THINGS" is our flagstaff. "WORKING TOGETHER FOR GOOD" is the refreshing breeze that unfurls our flag. And "THE LORD" is the strength in our soul to carry this, His standard, into the adventure of faith that we call "every day!"


Only the true God can say, "ALL THINGS work together for good." Only the true God can say, "WHOSOEVER believes in Jesus, shall have EVERLASTING LIFE." Only the true God can say, "Cast ALL YOUR CARE upon Me, for I care for you." Only the true God can say, "With Me, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!" Only the true God can say, "I AM LOVE." Only the true God can say, "Come unto me ALL YE WHO LABOR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN, and I WILL GIVE YOU REST!" Praise be to God the Father. Praise be to God the Son. Praise be to God the Holy Spirit. Blessing! Glory! Honor! Power! Might! Dominion! be unto Him, the only TRIUNE ONE! Yes, Lord God Almighty, we love you!


We joyfully bless God with our thankfulness for you, our supporters. And we pray God's richest blessings upon you in this new year. Thank you so much for your prayers, your sacrificial giving, your faithfulness to trust Him with us for effective ministry in the field He has placed us in.


There are a couple things you might be able to do without a lot of trouble that will help us forward this work. One thing you could consider is to use the GoodSearch toolbar in your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser with Christian Concourse selected as the charity of your choice. For more information, go to . GoodSearch will donate about 1 cent to this ministry each time you use the search engine provided by Yahoo. Also, you can have a percentage of many of your online purchases donated to Christian Concourse by GoodShop, part of the same organization. Check it out! It's free!


Here's another way you can help us financially: save your pocket change in a jar! When your jar is full, if you live in the Hampton Roads area, just call us and we will come to your home and pick it up. We'll sort it out, add it all up, and cash it in for every penny in the jar to count as a donation to Christian Concourse. One of our donors has been doing this for some time and over the years has blessed the ministry with more than $500.00!


One more thing, most importantly, please remember us in your prayers. We have some very wonderful projects in the works for this year and we need your prayer support. These include two handbooks for Christian ministry to long-term care residents: one for the staff of care facilities and another one for Christian volunteers. Another big item on our agenda this year is putting our inductive Bible study, Chapter & Verse, interactively on our website. There will be more on these and other ministry activities in our letters over the coming months. Again, thanks for your kindness to us!



Jerry and Dar

Jerry and Dar Johnson



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