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January 2011


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

"Happy New Year!" Joyful greetings to each of you! Of course, we all know that the external pressures of living in this world are increasing. As we turn the corner on another year we see economic upheaval, moral decay, increasing violence in our culture, natural disasters, governmental deficiencies, and on-and-on. The Bible speaks about our Master shaking everything that can be shaken (see Heb. 12:25-27). Jesus told us that we will have tribulations in this world. But, He also said, "Be of good cheer! I have overcome the world!" (John 16:13) There's an interesting scripture that magnifies this statement of our Lord:

"For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world - our faith." (1John 5:4 ESV)

I can trace most (if not all) of my circumstantial stresses and relational conflicts to an issue of faith in Jesus Christ. Often, I have substituted "faith in Him" with presumptuous confidence in my own natural strength. And, how easy it is to be deceived into thinking that "success" in God's eyes is the same as "success" in the eyes of the world! Let us embrace the challenges of the coming year with all our hopes and dreams centered on the person and the purposes of Jesus Christ. As we do so, I dare say, we will come to the other side of this new year with a greater love for, and a deeper faith in, our Savior, the Son of God! Halleluiah!!!

Having said that, we list below the projects and activities we expect to be focused on in this coming year:

1)  Complete the new Seventh Edition of A Handbook for Nursing Home Ministry. We have been nibbling around the edges of this undertaking for a while.


2)  Put several more "Worship Service Programs" on our website for free download to those who need a jump-start in doing church services in care centers.


3)  Produce a new sing-along CD for Our Hymn Book with instrumentation and voices.


4)  Video the reading of an updated version of With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray and make it available on DVD and viewable on our website. We have found that it is easier for elderly people to focus on the subject matter if they are able to watch it being read on screen, rather than just hear it on tape.


5)  Implement the Bible study system, Chapter & Verse, on our website in an interactive format. We have found a special computer program that makes it possible for us to produce such web-based functionality.


6)  Press forward with another southeastern Virginia regional convention for Christian volunteers who minister in long-term care settings. We do this keeping an eye for such a gathering on a national scale.


7)  Continue our church services in several local nursing homes. We feel this to be the "meat and potatoes" of our ministry.


8)  Compose monthly calendars with scripture for every day available for free download on our website. We call them, "Light for Every Day." (discontinued)


9)  As the Lord provides, support the financial needs of ministry to the elderly in Orucho, Kenya, Africa.

We work daily in this mission field. We're unsophisticated people operating on limited resources and, as in everything else in our life, we trust God to empower us. We sincerely thank you for your support in 2010 and for your encouragement and prayers as we seek to follow the Lord in the work He has given us to do. We pray God pour Heavenly Blessings in your soul, health in your body, and ever-increasing fervent love for Him in your heart.

Love in Christ,
Jerry and Dar
Jerry and Dar Johnson



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