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Whether you are here just browsing or interested in nursing home ministry, or looking for Christian poetry, or wondering about our inductive Bible study, it is with gratitude we welcome you to our Web site.  


In case you may be trying to guess, we are baby boomers -- that's as far as we'll go with our age.  I can say, though, that the picture is recent.  I do hope we look joyful to you -- Dar and I certainly are happy as we share our life and this ministry together.  We are in love with each other and our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Jerry is an ordained minister in association with the Evangelical Church Alliance; the founder, president and Director of Ministry of Christian Concourse; and a member of Hampton Roads Activity Professionals Association.  He has an associate's degree from Tidewater Community College, a bachelors' degree in Religious Studies from St. Leo University and did some studies towards his Masters in Biblical Studies at Regent University.  Of more importance, Jerry met the Lord at the age of six, committed his life to Jesus as Lord at the age of 29 and entered full-time ministry at the age of 42.  Dar is his trusted counselor, administrator, confidant and co-worker.  She accepted the Lord as her savior at the age of 22.


Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to promote Christian accord, interdenominationally.  For this purpose, we are deeply involved in developing volunteerism from the Christian community for nursing home ministry, we publish Christian publications and we promote an inductive Bible study system for small groups.  Jerry and Dar conduct "church services" in care facilities throughout Hampton Roads.  We manage a computer lending program for care facility residents.  We are involved in promoting, initiating and facilitating neighborhood-based Pastors' Prayer Groups. We live in Norfolk, VA, a city which is part of the greater Hampton Roads metroplexity. 


Jerry's dad, Rev. James M. Johnson (pictured below), passed on into the presence of our Master on March 21, 2002 at the age of  85.  He and his wife, Gwendolyn, were married 58 years.  We honor him with loving memories.  His legacy would be reflected by the four lessons he taught by example:  Love without condition.  Be patient with God -- trust Him!  Be content with little.  Be happy all the time.  We look forward to dancing around the Throne of God with you, Papa!!!


Jerry's mom, Gwen Johnson, graduated into the assembly of saints around the Throne of Heaven at 8AM, August 8, 2008.  She left behind large fountains of loving memories in the lives of many who miss her sweet spirit, her smile, and the faith in Jesus Christ she exuded with her presence.  See ya soon, Mama!!! 


Jerry's Mom and Dad


We enjoy the mountains and the beach, especially since both are in driving range for occasional day trips.  We are amateur photographers (and amateur Web masters, too), we love to ride bicycles and take walks.  Our favorite time of day is sunrise and sunset.  Below is the American Rover framed in a sunset we captured at Waterside, downtown Norfolk, Va.


Sailing ship in the sunset


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