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Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc. fully endorses and encourages the Light Houses of Prayer concept.  Below we provide information given us by Norm Przybylski, former Hampton Roads Coordinator for Light Houses of Prayer.


What is a Light House of Prayer?


Two, three or more believers in Christ, gathering together to bring heaven to their neighborhood, school, office, or any other place where people form community.  This happens through praying, caring, and sharing.

Over 72 denominations, encompassing nearly 200,000 churches and over 275 major ministries committed to establish 3,000,000 Lighthouses of Prayer by the year 2001.

"100 years ago spiritual pioneers such as D.L. Moody and A. T. Pierson felt they had enough resources, people and momentum to see the great commission fulfilled before the year 1900.  But in 1898, two years before the turn of the century, they realized they lacked the adequate sustained prayer necessary to succeed."

"Today, over 72 denominations, encompassing nearly 200,000 churches and over 275 major ministries have committed to establish 3,000,000 Lighthouses of Prayer by the year 2000 to ensure that there is adequate prayer coverage over America. . . . You can help change the world one home at a time" 


Our Goals for Hampton Roads


A Light House of Prayer on every street.

Someone praying for every person by name.

15,000 Light Houses of Prayer  in the Hampton Roads area.


Our Strategy


1.  To conduct joint training sessions as often as possible.

2.  To utilize all forms of media to promote Light Houses of Prayer.

3.  To envision and cooperate with the local church. 

4.  To develop and publish a monthly newsletter. 

5.  To encourage unity within the Body of Christ.


What are others saying?


"I believe that one of the most exciting developments on the Christian agenda is The Lighthouse Movement.  Through fervent and united prayer, we are seeing the power of the Living God released for the salvation of family and loved ones and for revival and righteousness in the land."      Bishop George McKinney

"The Lighthouse Movement has brought the body of Christ together in a way that is unique in American history. I am praying that God will use this Movement to help bring about a massive nationwide renewal and spiritual awakening in the months ahead"       Dr. Billy Graham

"The Lighthouse movement is exploding on every front.   As Christians pray for and share the love of Jesus in their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools, countless thousands, perhaps millions, of lives will be saved for eternity."      Evelyn Christenson


Four Characteristics that make LHOP effective


It unifies the body of Christ. 

It ignites the potential in the body.

Through prayer evangelism to talk to God about your neighbors before you talk to your neighbors about God. 

It changes the climate of an entire community.


For more visit the Lighthouse of Prayer web site at

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