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The following LTC ministry resources are available from the training sessions of the 2009 Southeastern Virginia Christian LTC Volunteer Convention held at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Norfolk, VA.  Just contact us to request the materials - we will send them to you as resources allow, at no cost to you.  [They are NOT for sale.]



DVD - "Sharing the Gospel in a Secular Setting."  Presented by Rev. Mike Smith, pastor of Norview Baptist Church, Norfolk, Virginia.


Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a Secular Setting from Jerry Johnson on Vimeo.



DVD - "New Perspectives in Long-Term Care Ministry."  Presented by Elder James Jordan, ADC, CAC, founder of Jordan Consulting Agency.  Activity director, teacher and consultant to the LTC industry.


New Perspectives in Long-Term Care Ministry from Jerry Johnson on Vimeo.



DVD - "FOCUS ON THE FIELD - What's really underneath that sweet smile and lovely gray hair?"  Presented by Karen Land.  Administrator of Enhanced & Resident Services, Westminster-Canterbury on the Chesapeake Bay.


Focus on the Field from Jerry Johnson on Vimeo.


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