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Pastor Prayer Groups - PPG's

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There have been wonderful things happening in S. Hampton Roads as pastors and leaders who love Jesus gathered FOR PRAYER in their local communities, inter-racially, interdenominationally!!! To my knowledge, in the past, groups have formed or made gestures to form in Suffolk, Va.; Norview, Wards Corner, Ghent/Downtown, Park Place, Military Circle, Little Creek, Ocean View and Lafayette [all of Norfolk]; Green Run, Farmers Market, Dam Neck [all in Virginia Beach]; Zuni/Isle of Wright; and Great Bridge and Greenbrier [of Chesapeake]; and the Churchland Section of Portsmouth.  Interest has been expressed in Prentis Park, Portsmouth and the Old Dominion area of Norfolk.

Such community-based PPG's are vital to the implementation, support and follow-up of any city-wide or regional Christian event or ministry! If we are to work together in harmony on such a broad basis, it would be best if we are spiritually and relationally involved in our neighborhood with other pastors and ministries who have a responsibility and a burden from God for the same neighborhood.

Local PPG's are the fundamental vehicle for such Christian relationships to develop. I urge everyone: we must get out of our comfort zone, get out of our 4 walls and uncover The Church of Jesus Christ and get to know (in intimate, fervent prayer together) the pastors God has placed to partner with us in ministering to our own local community!

Of course, prayer is something we all are dedicated to.  There is no need for me to try to make a case for us to do it.  And there is no need to hold classes on how to hold a prayer meeting!  All of you are totally capable of doing that. 

The issue is:  if we are serious about reaching our cities; if we believe there is just one Body of Christ in any geographic location, then we must work to develop meaningful, trusting relationships with one another in our own neighborhood first.  If the churches in any given neighborhood do not pray together, do not know each other, do not trust each other, how can the Lord use us as a Body to minister to that neighborhood.  Each Christian pastor in a given neighborhood has unique gifts, skills and resources that are divinely assigned.  These assets are meant to be exercised in the context of a Body.  Which body?  Of course, the individual local assembly, but in terms of community, the body in which that pastor and his church belong most directly is the one in their own neighborhood!  (In Jerusalem first, then in Judea....) God has strategically placed several pastors and congregations in communities where He expects them to minister to that community together.

As our Master, Jesus Christ, prayed in John 17 that we all "may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me."  This is not some forced "ecumenicalism!  This is body life!  Jesus said in John 13: "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

If we say we are for unity in the Body of Christ; if we say we love our brothers; but we are unwilling to labor in our own neighborhoods with other pastors as equals we are fooling ourselves.  BUT WE ARE NOT FOOLING THE WORLD!

If you are involved in a committed way with praying with other pastors in your own community, please be faithful. 

If you are not yet involved, anyone who is participating in an ongoing pastors' prayer meeting will be glad to share with you the incredible strength and growth (personal and ministerial) that they are experiencing (of course, in an ebb and flow - only the long haul pays off the maximum benefits).  And, of course, responsibilities in your own congregation take priority, but the Lord will help you find the time to share in this rich resource in your own back yard.  

If there is no group formed in your neighborhood, get started today.  Find out who is down the street and around the corner and give them a call; or better yet, just get up and go over there and ask them if you could pray for them!  And don't stop until every Christian pastor in your area has been sincerely invited to regular prayer with you.  If you would like some help with the process, call me, Jerry Johnson at (757) 714-3133.  It would be my honor to hear from you.  Or click here to learn more about the National Pastor Prayer Movement.

PLEASE, communicate!

Love in Christ,
Gerald T. Johnson  
Director of Ministry
Christian Concourse Ministries, Inc. 
"Dedicated to Promote Christian Accord" 
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